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Pick one of my stories and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future. Can be from any character POV i.e anyone in the fic.
Red paper tore beneath is fingers and Daniel eased his chopsticks out of their wrapper as he watched his date sip a drink made of sake, vodka and fruit juices that made him grateful for his Kirin. He watched Buffy glance towards him, green eyes considering, studying as he broke apart his chopsticks before slipping them between his palms and rolled them against one another.

Her brows dropped and Daniel’s pulled together when she switched her drink to her left hand and her right settled gently over his own, stilling their movement. She leaned into him, her voice pitched low as she whispered, “Don’t do that.”

He inclined his head, chin dropping as he questioned with a quirking of his mouth, “Why?”

“It’s rude.” His brows rose, he was sure well over his glasses because she hastily explained, “It implies you think they’re,” she glanced down meaningfully at the chopsticks, “are cheap.”

“I had no idea,” he lowered his hands, his own gaze becoming considering as he studied her upturned face and prompted, “How do know that?”

She gave a gentle, reassuring squeeze of her hand before she pulled it back and settled her drink beside her empty plate. Her hands went to work opening her own chopsticks as she explained, “I spent several months in Japan a few years ago.”

Laughter seeped into his voice as he questioned, “And yet New Orleans is still the most interesting place you’ve ever been?”

“It is.” Buffy did laugh, nodding as she broke apart her chopsticks with a deft twist of her wrists and added, “Japan is bright and new and so very old. I’d go back in a heartbeat,” her smile turned wistful, “but there’s something about New Orleans that always makes me feel alive.”

Daniel nodded, reaching forward to grab his beer. “That I can understand,” he took a pull of it before asking, “So where else have you been that doesn’t measure up to the Big Easy?”

“I think it might take less time if I just showed you my passport.”

Intrigued, Daniel simply replied, “I have time. Do tell.”

And so she did.
*hugs* Thank you! I love just the normalcy of it, and how they're exchanging stories and talking and just being two people out on a date. :D

You know, you should turn this into a larger verse, right? *nudges*
You're welcome! Those two lend themselves well to the casual conversation. :)

Hush! I have too many series as it is.
Part I (I had too many characters for one reply.)
High brick-laid walls blocked the wind as it whistled its way around the buildings of the District and Buffy pulled absently at the long sleeves of her jersey tee. The brown fabric settled around her forearms as a mechanically enhanced voice sang about ballrooms and blowing things up and Buffy’s brow wrinkled at the ringtone music currently invading her world and jabbed a finger toward the radio.

Switching the station to something less eardrum-melting and Dawn-loving—those two things really went hand in hand—and waited for the digital clock to read 2am. Green eyes slipped from the dashboard to the alley stretched out in front of her and the back entrance to Guilty Pleasures. Leave it to Faith to find a job at the world’s only vampire strip club as a holy item check girl no less.

The werelion had settled herself nicely into the night life and Pride of St. Louis, a Pride that seemed less hell bent on destroying her will and Dawn’s self-esteem. Self-esteem that was growing by leaps and bounds now that she’d started back at school and little sister was in her element. Dawn was excited about homework and tests and if Buffy was guessing right she had a definite crush on her new Biology teacher.

Her mouth curved inward, contentment creating a warmth in the pit of her stomach, and Buffy found herself more grateful every day that her mother had been brave enough to ask a complete stranger for help. Granted their departure from Los Angeles had left behind bodies and their arrival hadn’t been much better, but in the past few months things had settled and gradually improved. Internet sales for her mom’s company continued to grow and she’d even started auditing some classes at the University of Missouri and had started seriously, contemplating, majoring in Pretenatural Biology.

Life, at the moment, didn’t suck.
Part II
Buffy leaned back, lifting a Converse-covered foot to be propped on the door’s edge. The doors, and top, to the Jeep were currently propped against a wall inside the garage of their rental home and while Joyce hated it when Buffy removed those safety barriers she really didn’t complain, not like she used to, since Buffy would more than likely survive most car crashes nowadays.

A hidden perk of lycanthropy was less nagging from parental figures about safety—Micah should put that in the brochures.

The back door to the club swung outward and Buffy dropped her foot, adjusting her shorts as she straightened against the pleather seat. Light spilled across the alley, darkening the area around her and she inhaled the dry scent of lion and waved as Faith rounded the edge of the door, jogging over. The black dress she wore offered little support for her chest and Buffy shook her head at the bouncing duo as Faith settled herself beside the driver’s side of the Jeep.

“Hey.” Her brows tugged together, Buffy knew that ‘oh so casual’ opening and it usually lead to her ass in trouble, “So I was thinkin’ since it’s Friday we could hit Dead Dave’s on the way home.”

Her frown became more prominent as she became confused. “What’s Dead Dave’s?”

Brown eyes widened. “B, tell me you have been to Dead Dave’s.”

“If I’d been to Dead Dave’s I wouldn’t be asking you what it was now would I?”

“Point,” Faith’s chin dipped and she propped her elbow on the hood of the Jeep, “It’s this grillslashbar place that serves the best burger I’ve had since Fat Cat’s.”

Buffy inclined her head, resisting the urge to ask who, or what, Fat Cat’s was and instead shrugged. “Sure. Why not.”

“Really?” She shoved herself away from the Jeep a little too hard, rocky the four-wheeler and Buffy’s glare had Faith giving her a sheepish smile. “Sorry,” she gently patted the hood as if apologizing to the Jeep before she turned her grin on again. “I’ll go get the others—”

“Wait,” Buffy interrupted and questioned, “Others?”

“Yeah. Two of the dancers are going to catch a ride with us.” Faith’s head cocked, her gloss mouth taking on a decidedly wicked smirk as she questioned, “That’s alright, right?”

Buffy stared at her blankly a moment, dancers meant strippers, she would be grabbing a 2am snack with two strippers and Faith intruded on her thoughts challenging her with, “Come on, B, live a little.”

“Sure. Of course,” and this would be where she got her ass into trouble.
Slouching Toward Bethlehem. Buffy, after the Lucifer gets locked back up. Maybe she pays Dean a visit?

Also, your prompt is so... shiny!
Shush, you. I haven't seen a single ep for season six yet and I'm still not sure I want to.

Then can I have something in the Buffy-Lucifer verse? Also, did you notice that you've got Buffy as the devil and as God? That's kind of... covering all yours bases. :P
Buffy!Lucifer coming up.

Season six is okay. There's nothing too great about it until the the last three episodes which is why I shall be watching again next year. Though I do still adore the Bobby-centric episode because Bobby owns my heart.

Yes, I noticed. :) I find it amusing.