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A story of mine, Beyond Hope, was nominated at the gateficawards which is all sorts of awesome, but I'm a little stunned since it's from back in 2005.

Wow and thank you to whoever nominated me. 

I think I shall be giving that story the once over to look for grammatical errors this weekend. :) 

Also this weekend I shall be doing the local Make-A-Wish walk. So far I have raised over $200 for my charitable contribution. I can't wait till tomorrow afternoon when I can get the total figure. Whoo hoo!
Congrats on the nomination!

While 'Hollow Places' is the fic I identify most with you (Buffy and Illyria's awesome friendship! Buffy and Jack bonding over beer and 'The Simpsons'! Buffy/Daniel! [I had to mention it. *G*]), 'Beyond Hope' is an excellent twist on the Glory issue.

Her relationship with Jacob/Selmak is wonderful, her introduction to the team feels right, especially her wariness even once she knows they're the 'good guys' especially that scene with Daniel fixing her hand and her utter despair at the end when Janet tries to comfort her and Jack sits guard...and she doesn't even know there's more bad on its way. (Papa Jack! I love when he's all protective.)

So much potential. If you need help with the grammar stuff, I'd be glad to help.

Good luck with your walk! It's very awesome of you to do it.

Thank you!

'Hollow Places' does have my first attempt at Illyria so it's definitely something I want to finish. I was also working a little on 'Shadowed Mind' the other night because they were airing Jonas episodes on SyFy and it put me in the mood.

It's hard to edit it because it's written in third-person omniscient when I now write in third-person limited and so my instinct is to narrow the focus and change it. :)

The walk is completed and I raised almost $300 total dollars. Woot! There was a big turn out too which was nice and a very eclectic mix of people.