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Drabble: Echoes of Life

Title: Echoes of Life
Word Count: 200
Challenge: #109 – under the stars @ tthdrabbles 
Fandom: BtVS, Supernatural
Disclaimer: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.
Note: This drabble takes place in my ‘Miles to Go’ series. Pike-centric.

Echoes of Life

A hand rose, cupping around a clenched jaw and he breathed into it a few times before dragging it back and forth across several days’ worth of stubble as he glared up a star filled sky. He glared past it, into the heavens and wondered where the fuck God was in all of this.

“I’m sorry,” the quiet utterance had Pike stiffening and turning his glare on the intruder of his misery as she explained, “I don’t usually tell the truth. I usually just tell folks what they wanna hear.”

“How? How is she in hell?” His voice caught and he swallowed thickly before snapping, “She—”

“Was one of the good ones,” she interrupted and brown eyes caught his gaze, held it, “I know, Oliver. I know you loved her,” his mouth opened and she spoke over him, spoke his thoughts without accusation, “And you never told her. Never the right time.”

He turned his gaze back on the sky, the stars and knew some of them were already dead and all that was above him was echoes of life and all he loved was beneath him.

He’d gone to Missouri and learned the truth.

He wished he hadn’t.
I'm really glad that you've added Pike into this series. He's got lots of potential and I'm looking toward to seeing more if him and his interactions with Buffy.
I'm glad I added him too. He's definitely a harder, snarkier character then I usually get to write. Fun times ahead.
So beautiful and so sad :(
I love the nod to John's journal at the end and his own thoughts about that.

I gotta say I'm so happy that you've exchanged Perry for Somerhalder as it just feels so much more natural and logic with him behind the character than Perry. Kind of fits, you know? Of course you do, you're the one who did the switch *doh* ;)
Thank you! It's hard to pack in a lot of emotion in 100 or 200 words, but I think this one turned out nicely. I was rewatching 'Home' and when the journal part came on inspiration hit. I kinda love it when that happens, :)

I'm not a fan of Perry. He's never struck me as a terribly strong actor and I wanted dimensions. I started surfing the web for different actors/models that fit what was in my head for Pike and stumbled across Ian who I'd only ever seen in LOST at that point. The photoshoot I saw screamed Pike and thus I casted him in my head. I think he's working and I'm glad you agree.

*whispers* There's another Pike short I just recently posted. 'The Whiskey Diary' which is another nod to Hunter S. Thompson. Good God I adore that writer.