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Here comes crazy.

twistedshorts  annual August Fic-A-Day Challenge is quickly approaching and usually this is where I open myself to prompts, but I’ve decided to use this as a perfect reason to finish my wishlist_fic  prompts and play in a fandom or two I haven’t dipped my toes into yet.

Should be interesting and I’m sure the 8 people who prompted me back in November will appreciate getting their stories. I also owe jedibuttercup  another birthday gift – “So. Some Buffy/Daniel, plzthnx. ♥ Being unexpectedly awesome in front of people from one or other of their canons, maybe?” I didn’t forget!

Wish me luck and a happy muse!
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Yay! More Buffy/Daniel!

Good luck! :D Can't wait to read what you put out!
Buffy/Daniel for the win!

Thank you and to you too! I can't wait to read what you've been plotting. I've caught glimpses in the cbox and I am all sorts of intrigued. :)
Ooh, thanks for reminding me of this.. I've read them but never participated.. I may use this to actually work on the Faith in the O.Z. story I started a couple years ago and abandoned...
\0/ Looking forward to it, whenever you get to it.

I finally finished my wishlist_fic list in April; but I do still have plenty of tthdrabbles winners' requests to polish off. *cracking knuckles* The August fic-a-day 'thon makes the perfect added excuse to work on those.
I'll get to it! Hopefully soon. :)

Doesn't the fic-a-day help with all those request fics? I'm excited and I'm hoping my muse stays on board.
Lol, I was contemplating the exact same thing!

I wish you monsters, or writing, or muses. Whatever you need!

*edited because my laptop is a pain and posted before I was ready, dammit.*

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Do it! If we nudge one another maybe we'll actually get some things done. :)

I wish you the same!

Lol, you'll need to send me a message like every day nudging me about it. My muse is rusty on the whole writing thing. But we shall see what i can do. Everything seems to be calming to a dull roar here. :)
*g* Day one and two are up!! Whoo hoo! *whispers* Just 14 more wishlist fics to go. Eek!
Woot! I had day one and two, but my first prompt wasn't a BtVS/AtS crossover and thus couldn't be counted. :)

I have 6 more to go and I do have a random AU ficlet I've been playing around with that might get posted this month.

Happy writing to you!
I love when other people's birthdays also manage to equal presents for me. *eg* (Her prompt rocks.)

Good luck with all the writing, Ava!
Buffy.Daniel is a good place for my muse to be. They tend to center her in the best of ways.

Thank you! I'm probably going to need it. ;)