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Fic: Comings and Goings

Title :: Comings and Goings
Progress :: 47/100
Fandom :: Resident Evil, BtVS
Prompt :: 21 Traitor
Disclaimer :: Resident Evil and all related characters are copyright of Shinji Mikami, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Capcom. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No infringement intended.

Comings and Goings

Blood pooled in the dirt, made it a muddy mess, beneath the man Cain had shot with a pleasant smile still on his face. Rabbit swallowed her horror and revulsion as the Major caught the crook of her elbow and dragged her back from the helicopter beginning its ascent. The people inside had barely spared the dead man a passing glance once he’d fallen and Rabbit’s head tilted back as she watched those emotionless bastards climb their way higher and found herself absently wishing for a Gremlin to knock their pompous asses from the sky.

The grip on her arm tightened and her gaze lowered from the sky and her daydream to meet Cain’s narrow-eyed stare head-on. “I think it best if you were on the next helicopter.”

“Really?” a brow quirked, “and I think I’m better used here,” green eyes flicked towards the dead body and then back to Cain, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

His jaw tensed, blue eyes following her example and studied the body before the tension left his face and the hand gripping her arm slipped free. Cain’s head turned, the corners of his mouth rising as he stated, “Agreed, but perhaps your time would be better spent at the employee evacuation station.”

“Alright,” Rabbit’s chin dropped as she nodded before she finally addressed the errand Ashford had sent her on, “What about Angela?”

“What about her?”

The confusion in Cain’s voice straightened her slouched form and Rabbit’s mouth thinned as she ground out, “She’s still trapped within the city.”

“And she will remain there—”

She interrupted, “You can’t just leave her in there to die and become one of those things!”

“I can and shall.” Cain’s tone softened, his words condescending as he explained, “Angela is gone. The sooner you and Ashford accept that the better off you’ll be.” His gaze narrowed, “Now will you report to the evacuation station so that you may help review Umbrella personal before transport or must I escort you?”

Rabbit’s hands flexed, resisting the urge to ball them into fists at her side as she struggled to keep an even tone while she replied, “No, I know where it is.”

“Very good.”

Cain dipped his chin in acknowledgement of her agreement before spinning on his boot heel and making his way towards the observation tent. Rabbit watched his retreating back for several moments before her chin dipped and she turned her gaze back on the still form of the man she’d singled out for execution.

With a shake of her head and the quiet muttering, “Just because I know where it is doesn’t mean I’m going there,” she spun; starting off at a slow trot towards the last place she’d seen Ashford.
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