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1. Los Vegas – If I had to pick a city I could spend every vacation in for the rest of my life I would pick Los Vegas. It’s big and loud and bright and just a few miles away from the type of beauty only nature can create. Red Rock Canyon has grabbed me and held me all day because it’s so damn beautiful and peaceful there and then I head back into the city for a night of sinning fun. You can’t beat that.
2. LOST – One of the few shows I never missed an episode of because if you did you’d never catch up again. I was grabbed right away by the drama and the character interaction. It was well directed, well written and confusing as hell. I like a show that makes me thing and can be a struggle to keep with all the plotlines running through it from beginning to end and what an end it was. I miss LOST.
3. Little Lion Man – The first song I head from Mumford and Sons and I haven’t looked back since. This band is brilliant and the song, while now overplayed, is a well-crafted and the use of lyrics and tempo to gets their meaning across and their voices heard.
4. Last Unicorn, the – I know ‘the’ proceeds the ‘L’ in this one, but this movie and book are simply brilliant! I cannot recommend them enough especially if you have children and wish to inspire their creativity. The movie is visually stunning and the moment that stuck with me as a child was of the unicorns being the crests of the waves as they struggled to free themselves of the sea. I remember playing the beach with my cousin and we did our damnedest to lead those unicorns to freedom and flee from the Red Bull, played helpfully by my brother. :)
5. Leopards – Technically the Snow Leopard is one of my favorite big cats, but it’s part of the leopard family. Leopards in general are solitary hunters that can take care of themselves and are far better hunters than lions and these big cats are smart and agile enough to hide their kills in trees where lions and hyenas can’t get to them. Which, in my book, makes them pretty awesome.
6. Last of the Time Lords – One of my all-time favorite Doctor Who episodes. It pits the Doctor against the Master in a battle of wills that’s won by humanity’s faith. It’s a brilliant episode that highlights all that was great about Martha and proves the Doctor needs a strong willed companion at his side at all times.
7. Logan Cale – One of my favorite characters from Dark Angel, and it probably helps that he was played by the adorable Michael Weatherly. He was the perfect balance to all super powered teenagers and even while he was surrounded by eye candy to rival most he managed to shine. I wasn’t a fan of the love triangle between him, Max and Alec, but I did like the enemy/friendship between him and Alec.
8. Living Dead – It’s the blanket term for Romero’s zombie franchise. If you haven’t all noticed yet I love zombies! Movies, books, comics, television shows … if it has zombies I’ve probably given it a chance. There’s something terrifying and campy about the walking dead and it amuses the hell outta me. Of course it scares me too. What self-respecting zombie fan isn’t a little scared of the concept of a zombie apocalypse?
9. Little Bear – aka Thea, my cat. She looks nothing like a bear, but for some reasons I called her that one day and it’s just stuck. She’ll respond to it and her name which leads me to believe she doesn’t hate that particular term of endearment. :)
10. Lucy Liu – I think she’s adorable. I’ve watched Lifetime movies just because she’s in them, but the movie that struck me as awesome and is highly underrated by most audiences is Rise: Blood Hunter. She showed herself to be capable of caring an action movie on her own and it was just plan nifty. I’m glad IMDB is around because it’s making me excited for ‘The Man with the Iron Fists.’ *bounces*