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deep thoughts by Ava

I found myself taping this show because it seemed like a fun little knockoff of the X-Men and it is, but it also has heart and real depth. I found the lack of a special effects budget annoying in some scenes, but I think in the long run the lack of faith shown by SyFy helped this little drama that could. The lack of budget forced the writers to focus on the character arcs and development and relied on those aspects of the show to draw viewers in.
I was drawn in first by Gary Bell and his interaction with the other characters; an autistic twenty-something played by the wonderfully talented Ryan Cartwright who brings depth and humor to a character that could have very easily become a caricature. Granted the satellite characters, who are mostly humans (aka not alphas) tend to be one dimensional I find, for the most part, the leads are interesting and at the very least growing on me.
There were times when the episodes felt rushed; especially the season finale that could have easily run for 90 minutes rather than the measly 63 it was allotted. And while we had to make logic leaps and assumptions to follow along I still found the season finale satisfying and I’m eager for next season.
Three cheers for small budgets and big characters development!