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Random thought is random.

I have this sudden urge to see a story that vamps Xander and has Jesse stake him in the first Harvest episode. Would Jesse have altered things? Would Buffy have still been saved at the end of season one without a character that was in love with her there to kick Angel's ass into gear?

Do you see the randomness of this thought now? :)
*hugs Xander* it would be interesting, but I don't want Xander dead to see it... ;)
I like Whedon's Xander and wish him no ill will, but after watching Eric Balfour turn a one dimensional character on Haven into someone interesting and complex I'd like to see what he could have done with Jesse.
Very interesting point. I think she'd have still been saved because by that point, they'd have started becoming friends and, well, this could just be my interpretation of it but I don't think that Jesse would've wanted to just sit back and lose another friend the way that he lost Xander so he'd have gone after her.
I'm not sure. Willow sat back and was willing to let Buffy run off to her death so...

I'm interested by this concept. *ponders*