Faith had seen some shit’tastic things in her life.

Hell most of ‘em had happened to her, but what the Council had done to Kelly Gibbs had sent even her moral compass a spinning. Killing her mom, making it look like she’d bit it and pinning it all on a drug dealer had taken those bastards to a level of asshatery that made Faith want to resurrect those dead sons of bitches so she could kill ’em herself.

Brown eyes narrowed against the hot glare of a DC sun as she watched Kelly become reunited with her father for the first time in some umpteenth, she never paid attention when Giles yapped, years. The look her potential’s face, the fear and the elation, melted into contentment when her father wrapped her in his arms and didn’t let her go.

A bit a dust got in her eye and she turned her head, wiping at the wayward speck and glared at B’s knowing look.

She was not crying!


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Oh my, oh my! You know that will cheerlead for you to write more of this, right???

Hope 2012 is going good for you!
I had fun with this prompt, but it went in a darker direction than I'd intended. :)

You as well!
The one where Tony's apartment is haunted and Gibbs not only believes him but knows who to call
Tony shifted under Gibbs’ perusal after his stumbling and, perhaps at times, long winded explanation of the random happenings in his new apartment. He didn’t sweat the lease, he could break that, but the view, the view was what had him still fighting the crazy suspicion that his apartment was haunted.

His head dropped, gaze falling in embarrassment, and a little shame, before Gibbs cleared his throat and his eyes flicked forward, searching his boss’ face for an inkling into his thoughts. Uncertainty replaced shame at the knowing look Gibbs directed at him before he leaned forward to retrieve the phone from its cradle and hit a series of numbers.

“Who ya calling, boss?” A brow rose at his question, but before Gibbs could respond Tony offered, “Bill Murray?”