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Home Update

So far the inspections have gone well and nothing but cosmetic issues have popped up. The home does not have termites, the septic is in good standing and won’t require a draining for 1 to 2 years (RID-X is my friend) and the well is in working order, but needs salt.

The short sale agreement lists Feb 13th as the closing date which is fun and gives my 13 tattoo new meaning. I probably won’t be moving in till March though and my first house payment will be April (well my first payment that isn’t included in my closing costs that is).

This weekend I need to enlist (aka hire) my uncle to draw up a quote for painting the inside. He’s a licensed contractor and owns one of those awesome paint sprayers. He can also patch the hairline cracks in the drywall and fix any bad patch jobs. It’s nice to know a handy man. J

This is starting to feel real.


Hooray for you!!!!

And knowing a handy type person is very important so hooray for that too!!!
Yeehaw! (Sorry just said it on NCIS: LA, but it seemed appropriate here.) So exciting!
Yeehaw? It feels very John Wayne to me... I think I should have a western marathon this weekend.
It's definitely one of the houses I saw the most potental in. :) Hopefully it all works out and I'll be moving in in March.
Oh wow, that's amazing! So happy for you :D Can't wait to see pictures filled with SQUEE comments :D And big yeay on the uncle!! Knowning handy people is very handy (erhm,.) ;)

And finally the 13th of February will be a GOOD date again :D
I'm starting to get excited which scares me because every time I got excited before in this process something happened and I didn't get the house. Fingers and toes are crossed. I'll thinking I'll post before and after pictures because I'll be painting before I even move in, :)

The day before VD will have meaning outside HIMYM.
This sounds awesome! I just redid my kitchen and changed some furniture, so I'm all in the Home Improvement zone right now. I'm almost jealous of you getting do do up an entire HOUSE. :D (I mean, I know it's a buttload of work, but still. YOUR VERY OWN HOUSE! AWESOME!)
It's always tempting to redo rooms so I'm a jealous of your new kitchen. I'm saving my pennies for new appliances in the next few years. :)

It's definitely a big step, but I'm going to be 30 this year so I think I'm ready for it. Holy crap I'm gonna be 30 this year...
OMG didn't know you where getting a house also. We are finally settle in, well sort off still lot of stuff to do but we are here. Good luck and exited for you.
It's terrifying and exciting. Hopefully all goes well. Just the appraisal left. *crosses fingers*