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Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek from my new Vampire Diaries cross with BtVS. I gave up on the last one which was why it was removed from my LJ. :(

This is what I was originally working on for the journeystory bigbang, but after my mother’s car accident a few months ago I found myself without the time or inclination to finish it. Here’s to hoping the new year brings with it my muse and inspiration.

Thistle and Sinew

Enthralled, her head bent over Dracula’s wrist, lashes pressed tight against her cheeks as Buffy Summers found herself unwilling, unable to watch as she succumbed to his persuasion. His flesh felt cool against her warm mouth as it sealed over the wound he’d inflicted upon himself with a deft movement of his thumbnail. Which was odd and a little gross, but she supposed, it was less gross than him biting his wrist and offering it to her, as her tongue traced a hesitant line across his skin.

Green eyes opened, startled and wide as her tongue reached the visceral fluid and it tugged at something deep and primal within her as the hands holding Dracula’s wrist tightened. Uninhibited, she sucked greedily at the wound, until she focused solely on his blood and the senses it overwhelmed. The cold feel of it sliding down her throat and the heavy scent of copper saturating the air as a hunger grew within her and tore her away from the wound, his blood.

Her head cocked, loose blonde hair slipping around her shoulders as Buffy stared up at Dracula and let his wrist fall from her grasp. She could feel the damp weight of the blood on her mouth and she resisted the need to run her tongue across it, to clean it, savor it. Instead she focused on the growing hunger within her as that hunger sharpened into an urge, an urge she would, could bend to, as she stepped forward.

Buffy smiled, saccharine sweet and unassuming, at the knowing smirk that bared Dracula’s fangs to her and his triumph turned that smile predatory as she brought her flattened palm up and underneath his chin. His head snapped back, black hair, which was in desperate need of a deep conditioning, fanned outward as his feet left the floor and he was sent floundering back a step. She retreated as well, booted feet crossing as she made her way back towards the table and her stake as the urge, that was always just beneath the surface of her control, took hold and she sank into that primal need to hunt, to kill and focused it solely on Dracula.

The lie to taunt him with how gross that had been danced on the tip of her tongue, but she swallowed it and instead brought the back of her hand up and across her mouth. Smearing the blood, the temptation for one more taste away and dropped into an elementary fighting stance; balled fists up and feet slightly apart.

Dracula regained his footing to narrow dark eyes on her and order her, all traces of seduction lost from his voice, “Come to me.” Buffy’s brows tugged together when she felt her wrists drop marginally and she watched his pupils spiral outward before narrowing back in and that simple movement transfixed her. “Come.” She’d already taken three steps towards his offered hand, stake forgotten, before she realized her mistake and Buffy inhaled quickly and lunged forward to use that misstep to her advantage.

She caught the wrist of that offered hand in her left and tugged it, forcing him to stumble forward and his look of astonishment annoyed more than it should have as her right hand, balled into a tight fist, connected with a solid chin. The impact made her knuckles ache in the most satisfying way before she spun, using his confusion and her momentum to toss his into the banquet table dominating the large room. He impacted the heavy wood with a groan of protest from the table and his shoulder tucked as he rolled up and onto it.

He crouched there, chest shuddering with his uneven breaths, since when did vampires breathe, as annoyance turned into rage and Buffy lifted her chin in acknowledgement of that small victory and ignored the nagging voice, that sounded suspiciously like Willow, telling her she was missing something. A growl, that was familiar, escaped Dracula and Buffy watched, stunned, as the veins around his eyes thickened and blood spilled in to cover the white and the nagging became a shout as she suddenly remembered.

She remembered his compulsion, his blood filled gaze and his order to forget it all. She’d known then, what she knew now, that Riley had been right and she was well and truly in over her head. Buffy stumbled under the sudden insight and a retreating step back, spine straightening as Dracula’s mouth opened and suddenly he was in front of her, hand around her throat and forcing her into a stumble.

She impacted the stone wall behind her with enough force to steal her breath and brought her head back with a crack that rattled her teeth. Her vision tunneled as Buffy locked gazes with Dracula and the skin around his eye smoothed, the blood spilling away to leave his face normal and human-like.

Ignoring the sudden and intense ache in her head and neck Buffy retaliated to his annoyingly quick moves with some of her own and he, almost absently, dodged the knee she aimed for his stomach before stating, “I would have taught you, but now,” his free hand swatted away her fist and he continued, “now you will discover eternity by yourself.”

Fear snatched away her breath, harder and quicker than the wall, and her eyes widened as she struggled, and failed, to free herself. Dracula seemed to anticipate her moves, or they were more sluggish than she realized, and remained, stubbornly, two steps ahead of her until he simply stepped back and she tumbled. A wince worked its way across her paling features as her knees impacted the floor and she caught herself with a hand against it. Palm scraped over stone as Buffy shoved herself back onto swaying feet, taking a moment to frown at the blood smeared across the stone where her head had impacted.

Realizing, belatedly, that her back was to the room, she spun and swallowed thickly when the room tilted with her movement. Her gaze darted back to Dracula and to the table, just beyond him, where her stake remained since she’d failed to grab it when she had the chance. Buffy stepped forward and flinched when the space directly in front of her was simply filled with Dracula and she felt, rather than saw, his hands as one cupped her neck and the other slap her chin.

The room blurred and then all was black. 

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I am sorry about your mom's accident. I didn't know hope she is doing better.

She's definitely better than she was and don't feel bad for not knowing. I didn't annoyance it. It's why I disappeared in the middle of Oct and didn't really start coming around again until December. I didn't go on a computer outside work for about a month.

Lexi is where I'm currently headed. BtVS is about ten years ahead of Vampire Diaries so I can have fun for quite awhile. I might even throw in some Stefan.Buffy moments. :)
*hugs* I hope your mother is doing better.

This is really interesting! So Buffy gets turned? I don't watch TVD, but this sounds like a really interesting premise. :)
She is because she's a tough old broad. ;) Well old might be stretching it. She's 61 and still bouncing around like a 40 year old. :)

Yep. One vampire!Buffy coming up. I like the turning process of Vampire Diaries and since I've no intention of making her powered up because she was once a Slayer things should get interesting. :D
Oh god, I feel like such an ass because I've completely missed what happened to your mom. I'm so sorry sweetie, and I hope she's doing better now and that she didn't get any long-term injuries. Hope all of you have recovered from this and have been able to find your way back to your regular lives again. *hugs tightly*
Don't feel like an ass. I've never mentioned it before either here or on Facebook so there's no way you'd have known. *smish*

She's still in a wheelchair, but her bones are mending well so the doctor is hopeful that he won't need to do more surgery on her ankle. Thankfully that was the worst of her injuries because her collarbone and wrist have already healed. She's lucky and we're grateful. :)

I've just been busy helping her and my dad out and it ate up most of my free time. This is is the first time since Oct that I've been online regularly. I have some catching up to do.