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Holy crap on a cracker

So the appraisal was last Friday and I will find out sometime this week how it went, but my lender told me to go ahead and start calling around for home owner’s insurance quotes. I have to have it paid for and in place 10 prior to closing which if all goes well is less than a month away!

I also went garage/yard sale hunting last weekend. I did get some loot and I have a place to revisit the first Saturday and Sunday of every month since the guy does demolitions and he brings home anything he thinks is interesting and sells it during a yard sale. I got the wrought iron from an old church light to turn into wall art and a few other things. I’ll post pictures when I get home tonight. :)

All and all I think this will be a good week.

Garage/yard sales are fun and interesting. I like poking through other people's stuff regardless if I'm going to buy it because I'm a nosy little thing.

I live in Florida and hurricanes kinda make flood insurance a requirement here. :)
Thanks for the link!
I'll take some when I get home and post them.

For some reason I really like my new/old shovel.