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Title: Specialist Summers

Series Title: Specialist Summers
Challenge: #113 secrets
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. Thor and all related characters are copyright of Marvel Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and Stan Lee. No infringement intended.

Synopsis: Hawkeye and Agent Coulson just aren’t sure what to make of Specialist Summers.

Title: Hawkeye
Word Count:200

Blonde hair, piled high and held aloft by two delicate looking chopsticks, which looked more like weapons than hair accessories to Clint’s eye, helped camouflage a calculating mind as Specialist Summers studied a hammer that had an entire military regimen to study and protect it.

“You gonna give it a go?”

His question brought her head up and green eyes swept over his militant attire before settling just above his left shoulder and he guessed on the recurve bow strapped to his back. She flicked those eyes back to meet his gaze before scoffing, “A world of no.”

The corner of his mouth dragged inward as he replied, “Fury would like you too.”

“Fury would like a lot of things,” was her dry reply and she went back to the hammer.

Clint stepped forward, off the metal grating and onto the dirt Summers’ three inch heels were sinking into. “Can I ask what your specialty is, Specialist Summers?”

Those eyes settled on him again. “If Fury wanted you to know he’d have told you.”

“Shouldn’t you be deciding who should and shouldn’t know?” He countered with a hopeful tilt.

Her head shook. “You’ve been hanging out with Natasha too much.”

Title: Agent Coulson
Word Count: 200

The heat of a Nevada summer was not something Agent Phil Coulson enjoyed and the sight of a large, Stark-type, machine blocking out the sun wasn’t either. He shared a clipped, amused conversation with Agent Cale before Specialist Summers interjected, “That’s not one of Stark’s.”

Coulson continued to study the chrome body armor and asked, “How can you tell?”

“His don’t make my spidey sense tingle.”

Her chipper retort brought a brow rising towards his slightly receding hairline even as he countered, “You know he hates it when you use his catch phrases.”

A wink was tossed in his general direction before the specialist on loan from the IWC, the people Fury contacted when things had a habit of going sideways in a hurry, turned back to their vehicle. Coulson returned his gaze to the robot and frowned when the slants between its armor were suddenly illuminated and he took a step back as Summers returned.

The narrowing of her gaze was the only change in her demeanor, but the odd looking weapon that now sat comfortable on her shoulder reminded Coulson of the hammer still stuck to the desert floor.

He wasn’t sure if that comforted or disturbed him.

Brilliant! You have no idea how badly I want her to meet the rest of the crew. Her and Tony could take pot-shots at each other all day long. And I'd watch. With popcorn.
Dang, I wanted to use my Marvel icon. Because I have one. Especially for such occasions. Look!
Thank you! I'm awaiting more prompts or inspiration to hit for this prompt before address the rest of the team. I think I'll focus a lot on this series throughout the mod challenge on tthdrabble.

Buffy vs Tony would be fun times, but I'm not sure she could keep a secret from him. He's a little too handy with techonolgy for Willow to stand in his way. ;)
Probably not. But she could threaten the family jewels to make him keep the secret, which would involve wonderfully choked-up, flailing Tony and smug Buffy and all around awesomesauce.
I could also see them bickering over the Destroyer and who gets to take it so they can dissect it. Buffy wants it because it appears to be mystical in nature and Tony wants it to analyze the armor… could lead to an interesting confrontation.

Do you think SHIELD would just let those pieces lay around for anyone to find? ;)

Edit: Spelling foils me again!

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Spelling is super mean. I'm in the process of going through five years of study notes at the moment. I cringe at the... what do you call handwritten typos? Anyway, I cringe at those. A lot.

I was assuming the thing got pulverized by the Might of Thor, which is Mighty. If there's actual pieces, they're totally going to get into a grudge match over who gets to play with them. And Tony is going to lose since it's basically an empty suit of armor. And then he wil sulk and Buffy will gloat. And then they're going to have kinky make-up sex because Tony isn't actually with Pepper because that's just uncool and then they'll go back to squabbling like children and Steve will bang his head into the wall and Coulson will glare at them without moving a muscle.

I was thinking Buffy and her scythe took an arm before the Destroy managed to knock her on her ass. ::) I'll need to rewatch the movie, not a hardship, to see what Thor's hammer does to it. I could still see some pieces laying around.

Not sure if they'll be any sexy time in the drabble series, but I might expand on it.
Is it terrible that my pretty much full blown Jeremy Renner obsession meant that I just HAD to read this one!

Man - now I can't wait for this movie even more than before!!!

Love the interactions btw - awesome job xxx
I have the urge to write a small offshoot of this series with Angel being creeped out with much he looks like Penn. :D

*bounces* Me too!

And thank you! I've had the dialogue for the second snippet done since seeing Thor, but didn't have anything currently to put it in. Now I do!
LOL - I love that idea!

I'm now having flashes of Thor trying to tell Buffy that he alone can wield the hammer, only for her to pick it up. Not sure it's fic worthy, but an amusing little idea in my head for a moment. x
I'm not sure I would willingly put a weapon of that magnitude in Buffy's hands. I read the comics so I know how friggin' powerful that thing is and it's scary. It's also why it has the whole 'you need to worthy' clause on it. Though it is a religious relic and has been known to turn vampires to ash with a single blow...
True - but surely having saved the world several times puts Buffy somewhere in the 'worthy' category! ;-) Like I said - just a funny little idea in my head. I think it probably stems from the hammer in season 5.

That whole - vamps to ash in single blow needs to be written I think... maybe there you can have a Buffy 'why do I bother to show up' moment!

Oh I'm certian Buffy is worthy, but since that hammer can have the same impact as a nuclear weapon it makes me leery to let Buffy pick it up, or any Scooby for that matter.

I am considering the vamps to ash angle. :D
Yay! Thank you! I hope to continue this series with all the prompts. I'm not sure if there are any left in me for this prompt, but there will be more! :D