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I quit.

Okay so I had an online friend who regularly reads and critiques my original fiction ask me if I would do the same for them. I did so and I was honest giving them both praise and what I thought was constructive criticism (I.E. the main character’s name switched from Sharon to Cheryl for a few chapters, using present tense instead of past on accident, plot holes that weren’t addressed, etc).
Apparently they only wanted the praise part because they then proceeded to rip the last short story I sent them to shreds. Now don’t get me wrong. I can take a tough review, hell I think they make me grow as a writer and let me build up that thick skin I’ll need if I ever do send something out to get published but I do not need to be told that the basic concept of my story blows (that is a direct quote).
I wrote that story to vent over the death of my friend and they knew this. They knew that story was a form of therapy for me to try and deal. I did not need to be told the characters were two dimensional or that my attention to detail was annoying at times. It was five chapters 13 to 20 pages each chapter focusing on a woman that dies of cancer. The first chapter is told from her perspective, then her daughter’s, her son’s, her ex-husband’s and finally from Death’s. The last chapter is abstract, detached because Death wouldn’t understand the family’s pain, nor would he care.
I wrote that when I was in a bad place and then to have it torn down and basically pissed on makes me angry and completely frustrated. That is why I stopped writing last year and I know that its pointless to get angry because one person didn’t like your work but this is the second ‘beta’ I’ve had that has done this to me (the first one beta'ed my fanfic) and now I just want to throw my lappy at the wall and say screw it.  
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Oh baby, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time with your stupid beta.

Point me in the right direction. I'll make sure they understand, thoroughly, that they can't fuck with my Ava!

I don't think you should give up writing... fanfic or original fic. I'll read and beta anything that you send me. You write it and I will read it. I'll be honest, even if it hurts (me and hopefully not you) so that you'll benefit.

Some people can't take an honest, harsh review. I appreciate them, especially if they tell me more than 'it sucked' and more like what they think I could do to improve it.

People suck. But I love you! *mwah*

Hey sweets! Thank you for the kind thoughts and words. After my beta and then JB I was just so damn frustrated but I woke up this morning with the attitude of screw'em! I'm not giving up. If anything I'm going to write more and better just to prove them wrong. Or possibly right because I'm extremely tempted to write a scene where Buffy is in hell being tortured by Meg just 'cause I can.

I'm gonna contact my beta and see what was up his ass and the next time JB leaves one of those reviews I'm not going to bother to respond. Though I'm sure I'll be tempted to tell him to take a flying leap.

I appreciate honest reviews because I've been trying to give those lately but I do try to find at least one thing I like in a story that I can mention at the end of all the bad. *shrugs* I don't ever want to discourage a writer...unless they commit character assassination then all bets are off.

*hugs back*

This is what I hate about people. If you want brutal honesty then don't be pissed when you get it. As a writer I want people that will be honest and help me be better. I think it's MORE embarrassing to post a piece that is crap (yet praised from my beta) then for my beta to be honest so I can make the piece un-crap. Your beta is poop and I will beat her/him up for you if you want. That's totally un-called for.

You know how much I love your stuff and thus I must say you can't quit writing fanfic/original. It'd be wrong on so many levels.

This person was jealous and is a sad little pathetic person for doing this. They should know better.

*hug you so tight you can't breath for a second* I WUB YOU!
Yesterday I was annoyed and frustrated but today I'm more driven than I've ever been to write so maybe it was the kick in the ass I needed.

I know I gush when I review but if anyones noticed I review very seldomly and usually only for a handful of writers. When I branch out from those writers for a review is usually when I give feedback on stories that need a lot of improvement but I still try to find something nice to mention.

*hugs you back just as tight*
*temporary hugs*

I'll be back for a full bit after work this evening...

*continues temporary hugs while ending the work day*
*hugs* Don't worry we got your back. We can't have people bad mouthing *THE* Ava!
So I'm *THE* Ava? Like *THE* Rock?

I can lift my eyebrow really high so maybe there's some truth to that...that is the Rock's trademark right? Lifting his eyebrow like Teal'c?

*hugs back* I'm better now that I've vented. Thanks for the support.

*full hugz*

Wow. Yeah, there's constructive criticism, then there's bashing and this doesn't sound like the first option. I went through some tough constructive crit in college with my art degree...

Out of sheer curiosity, is this the first piece of yours they've beta-ed since you gave them the tough feedback on theirs? I'm just trying to figure out how someone who you've worked with for awhile flipped.

Unfortunately, it sounds like they took your feedback hard and decided to hit you back swiftly without justification I bet. Just a shame that it was on an emotionally driven piece.

I'm sorry that that happened. I'm always happy to offer feedback on both original and fan based work even if I'm not the best writer. I'll give my opinions of the good, bad and ugly variety and I'll also say when I can't because it's something that doesn't catch my interest. Not everyone likes the same things, so not everyone would be able to read all stories that one person does unless that person sticks to the same format, plot, etc. each and everytime.

Anywho, after that last chapter of Giles' deal... You have my vote of confidence.

*hugz more*
I have to comment that art courses in college can be very tough on one’s self-esteem. The only time I got praise from my instructor was my final project. He told me he liked the attention I placed on the muscular detail of my subject. I thought I was going to fall over.

I sent my beta the story along with his critique and in hindsight I suppose that wasn't the intelligent thing to do but he asked for complete and utter honesty. *sigh* I probably wouldn’t have cared as much on any other story but you’re right this was an emo-driven piece for me and it kinda just felt like he was shatting on it and my feelings.

I’ve already sent him an email basically asking him what crawled up his ass and if he needed help ironing out the plot for his story. I don’t want to completely cut ties with him because he usually gives me good honest feedback that I think makes me a better writer. And I do want to become a stronger writer. I might take you up on your offer to beta and I’ll be sure to give you a plot synopsis before sending the story so you can let me know if it’s your cup of tea or not.