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Series: Until Morning

Series Title: Until Morning
Rating: FR13
Challenge: #071 A Truth and A Lie (amnesty) @ tthdrabbles
Disclaimer: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright of Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon, and ME. No infringement intended.

Title: A Truth
Word Count: 100

Sam fingered the picture he’d found shoved to the back of the glove compartment. A confused line appearing between his brows as he studied a woman with blonde hair and a smile that didn’t quite reach her green eyes. She was more the adequate in the looks department, but she wasn’t at the level of the women Dean usually went after.

The driver’s side door opened and Dean slid behind the wheel as Sam lifted the photo and teased, “What’s this?”

Dean leaned over, snatching it out of Sam’s grasp and tucked it safely behind the visor before snapping, “Home.”

Title: A Lie
Word Count: 100

He’d filled her doorway after months of nothing, nothing but unanswered messages and ignored texts. She’d thought him dead, rotting in some abandoned home in nowhere Midwest America, where she couldn’t get to him, but he was alive. The hand cupping the back of her neck was gentle, but the mouth slanted over hers was demanding and just this side of punishing as he walked her backwards into her home.

She broke the kiss to ask him what was wrong, her gaze searching his before Dean dragged her, his breath warm as he whispered, “Nothing,” and claimed her mouth again.  

Awesome.. love the end of the first one. The fact that Dean would say it actually impresses me and makes me like him even more. Guess Sam really is grown up to his equal now.. :)

And everybody knows that last one is a big lie. Of course there's something...

And now there's no more to read.. sad face has I *nudge*
The whole series these drabbles belong to is about Buffy and Dean are finding a home in each other rather than a place. I think, depending on the season, Dean would be willing to share that information with his brother.

There's always something with those boys, isn't there? :)

There's previous drabbles and ficlets in the series. Not sure if you've read them or not. There's a link at the top.