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well pooh

I do believe I'm going to have to drop out of the werewolfbigbang because I just don't see myself getting anything written in the next month or so and that disappoints me to no end. I was excited about this concept, but my family and home life have to take precedence.

Perhaps I'll give myself a personal goal of five hunderd words a week from now until I'm finished and then I'll just post it for you all to enjoy. (The weekly word challenge won't happen until April.)
Regardless of having good reasons to drop it I'm disappointed in myself.

Edit: And I've dropped out. :(

I'm not worried about writing. I enjoy it, but there comes a point where I just don't have the time or I'm too exhausted to force my mind to work.

I think that goal works well and if I exceed it great, but those excess words can't count towards the next week's. I'm thinking this through.
(( hugs ))

I'm sorry you had to drop out but I completely understand where you're coming from - you have to take care of yourself and your family first.


Thanks! All my balls are in the air and I think I need to focus on catching them.