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I want nachos.

While my 500 word writing goal won’t begin until April I did get 230 words written last week. Granted it’s just the beginning to the opening scene, but it’s more than I’ve written thus far so yay me! I can’t guarantee that I’ll only write original with my 500 word goal, but I will writing something. Should I post completed scenes for you all to enjoy?

I also just booked my hotel for my return trip to NOLA for my 30th birthday! Woot!

I like having things to look forward to.

Whoo, NOLA! I hope you have an amazing time!

Also, I vote yes on posting your snippets. I am greedy like that.

I also (ALSO, ALSo, ALso, Also, also! /echo) vote that you have nachos, as I am craving them and not currently allowed to partake. Allow me to indulge vicariously, Ava.
I did last time so I'm sure I will this time as well. So much great food!

Snippets I shall supply then, :)

I'm going to trivia tonight at the local wing place and I'm thinking of getting their nachos that come with buffalo chicken on top. Yum!
The food alone is worth the trip, imo.


How was trivia night? Were the nachos awesome?
I agree. I can't wait.

Trivia was good. We got fourth out 12, but since the team I was on won two weeks in a row without me most of them were bummed. I did help though! I rain-man'ed an answer for them during TV trivia.

The nachos were yum, but not as yum as the deep fried pickles. I'm glad a splurged and got both.
Oooh, deep fried pickles! Um...I hope you have a fantastic time in NOLA for your 30th! Where are you staying this time?

And *grabby hands* at original fic!