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So I'm sure that all most of the people who follow this journal know of my aversion to Buffy and Angel as a couple. They're not my cuppa tea, but the Gotye song 'Somebody That I Used to Know' just keeps reminding me of them. It's odd and therefore I shall share a link to the song on YouTube below. 

I adore it too, but I didn't need Captain Forehead and Teenage!Love Buffy to go with it. :P

And yes, the lyrics are fantastic. Especially her part.
Sorry? It doesn't make me think of them int the early season, but when Angel got his own series. Especially the fallout when she came to take on Faith in Los Angeles.

I love her lyrics because it gives both sides of the relationship and it's balances his so perfectly.
Yeah, don't apologize. I wasn't actually that serious, even though it may have sounded that way. My filter is sort of broken, these days.

Oh my god, that is hilarious, how there's five people banging on one guitar. And it sounds amazing, too!

I'll go and stalk that band now...