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hello, f-list

I know awhile back I asked for help with some French phrases and I've stumbled across another plot bunny that requires the same expertise. :) Is there anyone willing to work with me to create accurate French dialogue? It's for a Doctor Who/BtVS bunny that I've been fighting off with a stick for almost a year, but I've decided to give in.

I suppose it's a good thing that my muse is stirring. If only she listened to me... feel free to respond to this post or PM me and we can exchange emails. 

Thank you to anyone willing to help!
I hope it'll be interesting. I've been bouncing the idea around for awhile and it does have the Pol stamp of approval.

And if I don't have any other volunteers I might need to tak you up on your offer. :D
Are you thinking dialogue only or other text? Is Dr. Who knowledge important for the French you want? (It's not a show I watch...) However, if you don't need it to be too idiomatic, as my French is no longer as perfect as it was when I was younger, I could probably help.

Mostly dialogue and the Doctor Who knowledge isn't important. The character is Madame de Pompadour (or at least the Doctor Who version) and she's French which leads me to believe she would speak the language and without the TARDIS' nifty translating abilities the character will need to actually speak it for a little while.

*smishes* I would be so very grateful for any and all help you could offer. :)
Hello there!

So I think I've finally decided to attempt this ficlet. I was thinking the easiest thing might be for me to write it and then send it your way with the sections that need translation highlighted?

I have no idea how long it will take me to complete the short, but since I've decided to start I thought I should give you the heads up and hope you're still willing to lend a translating eye/ear/brain. :)

Also how have you been? 'Cause I'm pretty sure it's been forever and a day since we chatted.
Hi Ava,

I'm still up for translating and that sounds like a good way to do it. :)

I've been away (super relaxing family vacation) and tonight's the first night since getting home that I haven't been asleep by 11:00 pm. So, I'm catching up - at least a little. I just saw your pic with Wil Wheaton. Completely awesome! (Also, you're gorgeous.) I still have to catch up on the fic but that will come!

How are you? Apart from meeting cool actors and writing fairly prolifically, that is?

Sweet! I thought writing it out so you could see the context might make it easier and it might be the kick I need to actually get it written. Though I am tempted to get a book about Madame de Pompadour first to make myself more well versed in her life. Research? What is this research you speak of it?

It's wonderful that it was super relaxing. Family vacations aren't always. ;) Sleep is a splendid thing and I honestly can't get enough of it so I find no fault with your early-ish bedtime. Wil Wheaton is fantastic and thank you! I might have blushed a little at your compliment. Catching up on fic is always a fun pastime. I like those lazy weekend days spent in front of a computer with nothing to do but read.

I'm well. Still working on getting the house the exact way I want it and that is playing havoc on my resolution to save money. ;) I'm contemplating another tattoo--possibly a cover-up of the one I got at the tender age of 19--for my birthday. It's coming up and this getting older crap is for the birds. I haven't a clue where the days go as of late because last I check it was Christmas... eep!

How's work going for you?
If French dialogue, Buffy and Dr Who is what happens when your stick-waving technique fails, then I'm tempted to take away all your sticks.

Also, I'd offer my help, but my French is mostly restricted to dirty words and things I learned when I was sixteen, ie 'This is a steak. The steak is good.'
If you took away all my sticks I'd never get anything done. I need them so I can focus on one bunny at a time.

I think Copper can help me. The dialogue would be more than dirty words I'm afraid... though that could be interesting. :)
Challenge: Write a story that uses only dirty words in dialogue. ---That might be fun. But probably not suitable for any reading age.

Whatever it is you're cooking up, I'm looking forward to it.
Are we going to be Barney Stinson and shout, 'Challenge Accepted!' because I could see Dean doing something like this when he was a teenager...

I'm hoping it doesn't suck because it is going to be a YAHF. Eep!
He totally could, but I was more making a point than issuing an actual challenge. I won't stop you, though. At all. :)

I think every Buffy writer needs at least one YAHF story. I don't have one and I feel absolutely wretched about it. Honestly.
*ponders challenge*

I already have one that was written to mock all those superpowered!Xander ones. :) This one would be serious and possibly lend itself to a continuation.