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This, and another story, are the ones my parents break out when company is over. Usually company I bring.

I was a rambunctious kid. I’m sure most of you have figured this out because I’m a rambunctious adult. I didn’t like to get into trouble so much as trouble seemed to find me wherever I went. Well when I was a wee one of about three we (my family and I) were still living in Michigan and we’d gone to my grandmother’s (my father’s mother) for a visit before the long haul down to Florida.

My father decided after 15 years as a police officer he wanted to move to Florida and open an ice cream shop. Don’t ask me why because I haven’t a clue.

Well we had gone to my grandmothers and she’d given me her keys to play with around her house. I’m thinking back then keys were an acceptable toy for a three year old so I toddled off with them. At some point during the adults’ conversation I came back pale faced and terrified. I buried myself in my mother’s side (I’ve always been a momma’s girl) and wouldn’t tell anyone what was wrong.

Eventually they calmed me enough for me to show, not tell, them what I’d done. Apparently I mimed taking the keys and placing them in an electrical socket in a spare bedroom.

I’d electrocuted myself.


Now terrified my mother checked me all over and aside from some blistering on my hand I didn’t appear to be harmed.

To this day I’m still a little disappointed I didn't develop superpowers from this incident.

Darn it.   

I was not taken to the hospital to be check so I would have thought nothing of it if you hadn't taken yours. :)

Apparently children like to stick things in light sockets. I'm glad I'm not alone.
Ouch! Miss Hailey likes to try and plug things in herself since she swears she's so smart. That is freaking enough, but it's when she tries to plug a USB cord into the wall and I start yelling "No no no no no NO NO NO!" *sigh*

However, I do admit that actual keys on a real keyring are one of her favorite toys. She's got old ones that mom gave her in her toy box.
Is it bad that I'm kind of glad to know that I wasn't the only child to stick things in the light socket? (Mine was a necklace though. My grown up self loves shiny things and is more horrified over the waste of jewelry than the electrocution.)

It is sad that it didn't lead to superpowers, I quite agree.
Nope because I'm glad I'm not the only one too. :)

I kinda wish it had. I could be Spark Girl or ElectroShock Woman!