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I write the English good.

Apparently I know what words mean, but I don’t know how to properly put them together in a sentence which led one reviewer to ask me if English was my second language. I’m sure they meant it as insulting because they also rated my story a 2, but instead I’m highly entertained and amused.

One of my old Stargate stories, but I reread it and it's still similiar to how I write today. *shrugs* The best part was the person had reviewed it in 08 and really liked it. Ha!
Man. I'm wildly curious about the sentence that prompted this. As someone for whom it is a second language, I know sometimes I word things just awkwardly enough to have my coworkers tilt their heads and squint at me.
Verbatim from the reviews edit when I replied - "though the thing about your first language was actually my best guess as to the reason behind what I was reading--you're overconstructing your sentences, trying to fit too many things into each one. That felt like something a foreigner, who knows what each word means but is a little vague on how natural speech or thought should be written, would construct their phrases."

I think he meant my sentences were run-on which my sentences tend to be since when I first stated writing I was chastised for using too many periods and having on fragment sentences. Ah well. Can't please everyone.