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if you see the bunny you know it's plotty

Is there anyone on the f-list familiar with Norse Mythology (or Marvel’s Thor) and willing to swap emails with me about a Thor movie’verse/Buffy plot bunny that bit me last night?

I fully blame akat for feeding it.

What gave you the idea? Norse mythology, Marvel and Buffy. Girlfriend, I'd pay for that.

So c'mon. Hit me.
I'm not sure how much I'd be able to help, but sure!

Also, yes. Let us collectively blame akat for fueling bunnies.
Omg wow that is so awesome I so want to read that. I only know the basics but I am willing to put graphics into the mix once the story is completed.
Yayness! I'm rewatching Thor tonight to get my head in the right mindset to write this.

I needed a goddess or Valkyrie name, but it's been settled on Freyja (I think) because of the Brisingamen, but there will be no sex with dwarves to retrieve it.

Marvel bastardizes Norse mythology so I think I'm safe to do the same! ;)
I really wish I was more familiar with it, to be honest. I hope someone can feed the bunny!
I am not familiar enough with either of those things to be helpful but I am super excited about your bunny! :: feeds it ::
If you're familiar with the movies it would probably be enough. I haven't read the Marvel Avengers comics since the 90s so Wikipedia and my brother are currently my go to people for this story. :)

This bunny is getting fed a lot. *pets him*
:D Fat plot bunnies are happy plot bunnies.

Well, I *have* seen Thor. Most of my post-90s comics knowledge comes from fic but it seems to be accurate enough to let me hold my own with the actualfax comics fanboys I know.
You're ahead of my current beta who's never seen the movies. :)

She only checks for grammar currently.
I'm super rusty as a beta (it's been years) but I'd be happy to take a look at it. :) It'll give me an excuse to re-watch the movies, too.
I kinda want to do a Marvel marathon this weekend or next to prepare me for the Avengers movie which I will be seeing next weekend!!!
I cannot wait for the Avengers! Seems like I've been waiting for that one for a solid year!