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weekend update

So instead of going out and getting my drink on tonight I will be dedicating my few hours before bedtime to writing because I want to work on this Marvel plot bunny and the rest of the weekend is pretty full.

I work Saturday until 12 and I’ve plans to bring my beach gear and beverages to work so I as soon as I’m off I’m heading to Boca and the blue green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I will sun myself until probably 4 and then it’s onto the Marina for more drinks and really fantastic seafood. Yum!

Then Saturday evening will be filled with (hopefully) bowling and hanging out with more friends and (to be honest) more drinking.

Sunday is family day with the whole clan flocking to my parents for pizza, cake and presents. (Or at least I hope there’ll be presents.) I’ll probably mow their lawn while I’m there which should be interesting because I’ve never mowed a lawn before. Mayhap I’ll talk my brother into it… :)

All and all it should be a fun weekend. Yay!

Go and see Avengers and I promise you that your Marvel plot bunny will mutate and run amok. No joke.
Avengers doesn't come out here until May 4th and I'm trying to get this story written before I see the movie.

I don't want the movie to influence this bunny... I want it to influence the sequel.
My brother was stuck with mowing while my sister and I weeded. I've never been a particularly strong or well muscular person and my mom was worried the mower would get away from me. There's a reason I have the nickname T-Rex. (My friends are assholes.)

I think it'll be great!
Birthday weekend! Woohoo!! Sounds like you some pretty awesome plans! :) Hope you have a wonderful time.

Me too! ;) I'm pretty certain I'm going to be doing things for my birthday all month.

I'm spoiled like that. :D