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Drabble:Property of Umbrella

Title: Property of Umbrella

Progress: 7/100

Prompt: #30 Costumes

Word Count: 600

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.



Property of Umbrella
Deft fingers tugged the nylon laces through the eighth eyehole of her boot and pulled tight before tying and tucking them beneath the topknot. Her left leg slid back with a faint whine against the linoleum-tiled floor and she repeated the same mindless task with the right before rising. Her back straightened and she turned, ran steady hands down the sides of the ribbed tank top and frowned into the mirror above the cot.
Her brows lowered and she cocked her head, stared at the all black military garb she had been asked—see ordered—to put on and repressed the urge to flick off her reflection. She didn’t want to compromise the fact that Cain had told her she was going to be reunited with her team. A team she had no memory of but after nineteen days of tests that seemed to last for hours and exhaust her both physically and mentally she was ready for a change. Ready to see a flash of insight into who she had been.
The door behind her hissed, slid open and the mirror allowed her to watch Cain’s casual once over, see the way his mouth pulled up at the corners at the sight her. She waited for his focus to shift toward the mirror and then met his gaze, brow arching. “Like what you see?”
“Stunning. Now you look like yourself.” He stepped into the room and reached a hand into the pocket of his tailored suit. His arm rose and she frowned at the jewelry box he held in his palm, silently waiting for her to take the offered gift. She turned, crossed her arms and ignored the pleased flash in his pale eyes as he was greeted with the front of her. “A memento from your life. Perhaps it will help you to remember.”
She frowned before hesitantly taking it from him and flicking her gaze up to met his. “Does Isaacs know you’re cheating?”
Cain’s lips spread wider. “It shall be our secret.”
She ignored his pleasure filled words, ignored him as green eyes settled on the navy box. She turned it toward her, fingers grasping the top and she forced the small hinge open.
Pale lips dipped as she stared down in confusion at its contents. Her brows rose and she laid a gentle touch over the silver cross and lifted it, dragging the chain from the compartment with the soft sound of metal running over velvet. A small tug freed it completely and she watched the smooth face gleam beneath the florescent lights.
She flipped it over in her hand, caught sight of the writing along the back and stared at the neatly etched words ‘Property of Umbrella’ and refocused on Cain. “This was mine?”
“Yes.” He stepped forward, “Let me help you.”
“No.” She tossed him the box and he caught it easily as she unclasped the chain and draped it around her neck. Her gaze locked with his as she fastened it and then pulled her tank top away from her body allowing the cool metal to settle against the warmth of her chest.
Cain inclined his head, stepped to the side and motioned her forward. “Shall we?”
Her skin crawled as she passed him and felt his gaze slip over her. She suppressed the urge to slam a white knuckled fist into his throat, that would force him to relearn how to breathe or possible choke to death on his blood. She paused, confused by her train of thought and waited from Cain to take the lead.
Silently following him—for now.
The End.

They defaced the cross! [mutters imprecations] I like that there are hints of the 'old' her, the one who followed only when she believed and trusted and otherwise followed her instincts and sometimes blind luck. I like that she's suspicious but willing to bide her time... for now.
They did deface a cross but are you really surprised? Umbrella is a large corporation and I don't think Cain's a big believer or if he is he knows he's going to hell and figures screw it.

I'm glad more of Buffy's presonallity is peaking through. I was afriad she might come of as an original character rather than out favorite Slayer.
Give her time, yes indeed. They wouldn't know what hit them if she were truly herself again.

You know, I wasn't even thinking in terms of religious blasphemy, though there is that. It was more that Angel gave it to her (and there's a little part of me that will always love them and no matter what respects what he was to her) and from then on it's so intertwined with early Buffy for me. Saving her from Luke, the throwing in anger and fear in despair and the picking up in Prophecy Girl; using it to to torture... wearing it when she was her only hope.

Given that she's in a new world and knows virtually nothing except that she can fight and she's a prisoner it wouldn't make sense for her to be her old self. I think it's more logical to do it this way, with glimpses to show that under all that, somewhere is that person we love. So go you!
I'm loving this series. The possibilities presented by
your AU just boggle the mind. My only complaint...
you have addicted me to your writing, I'm currently
organizing a local chapter of AA (Ava Addicts).
Re: progress
I'm not sure if that's really a complaint but I'll take it and thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying this series. It's fast becoming my favorite to write.
I love Resident Evil and this just reminds me I really need to buy those movies asap! The little things you add make this piece just so good. About her tying her boots, things like that just blow me away. Cause as I writer I'd never think of adding that but it does do something for the piece. Well done!
Resident Evil and its sequel are by far some of my favorite horror/scifi movies. Of course I use to stay up late at night when I was little and watch my brother play the games because I thought they were so nifty/creepy so that might sway my vote.

Thank you about the details. *blushes* I have the next twenty six sections outlined. Now I just have to write them and outline the rest...I really should have paid attention to the whole 100 part of TtH100. *roll eyes*
Yay! New part! (sorry about filling your inbox with a bunch of comments, but I'm taking advantage of this free time to do a little catching up...)

And I'm gonna kick Umbrella's ass for messin' with the cross!!! Damn power hungry bastards.

But I love how Buffy just doesn't really trust Cain, as well as she shouldn't. *insert evil icon here* ;)
Umbrella has not respect for religion or state cause they defaced a wedding band in the first movie. But I thought Buffy would relate better to a cross and Cain is just evil so he had to mark it as theirs.

*squeals in terror at the thought of the evil icon* Don't do that!!!