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Since there were a few reviewers hinting that I didn’t understand that Thor (at full strength) would smush Buffy into a fine sticky paste it got me to thinking what would happen if she fought the Avengers in the movie'verse and here is how I think it'd go down.

Thor: There’s no chance. None whatsoever of Buffy coming out on top against Thor. I know a lot of people think if she just got a hold of his hammer it’d be an even fight, but it wouldn’t. She couldn’t physically be a conduit for lightning so that parts out and she’s just not going to have enough strength to do any real damage to Thor with it.

Captain America: In the movies they’ve kept him pretty on par with the world’s best athletes (if you combined them all into one person) so there’s a chance she’d win. In the comics he’d hand her ass to her.

Iron Man: The suit makes Tony pretty on par with her strength wise, but his ability to fly and blast her makes me lean towards Tony in this fight regardless of how creative our Slayer is (because really Tony is just as creative).

Black Widow: If it was surprise just coming across one another fight then Buffy would win. If Natasha had the chance to recon and gather intel then my money is on her. She’d probably just sniper Buffy if given the chance.

Hawkeye: Pretty much the same as Natasha, but something tells me he’d use a bow rather than a gun so that’d place him at a disadvantage. I think Buffy would win in this scenario regardless of intel.

Hulk: This one is a tossup. While the Hulk is physically stronger than Thor he’s not nearly as intelligent. I think if Buffy avoided all his attempts at contact she stands a chance of fleeing, but if he got his hands on her then that would be the end of it and her.

So that’s what I think and feel free to offer up your own thoughts and discussions in the comments. I’m not shy and am more than willing to contemplate different scenarios.

Some interesting thoughts - I just can't really imagine her 'fighting' them as in proper, I'm-against-you-showdown fashion; I see her with them, but I think you're probably right on all counts. They'd all challenge her in some ways, but like you say - she can give them something to think about too. I'd be interested to see something where they train together I think. I am alone in thinking it would be so funny if Tony made her some kind of tech and was trying to teach her to use it??? I'd love to see her bonding with Hawkeye over bows and crossbows etc! :-p
I can imagine her fighting most of them since nearly all these characters jump to conclusions at times and while Buffy wouldn’t necessarily fight to the death Natasha, Clint and Thor would. With Hulk you just have to set him off and if Buffy stumbled across him demolishing a South American village she’d attempt to stop him… and that would just go downhill for her.
Agree with all of this. Buffy's good, but she has her limits, both in terms of strength and training, and it doesn't seem realistic to me that she would be able to take out somebody like Natasha (who's an assassin/genetically enhanced/professional badass since longer than Buffy's been alive) or Thor. And going on the hammer, I don't know if Buffy would be considered "worthy" and therefore able to wield it. I think in the comics, there are very few people other than Thor who can do that.
I think it would depend on the season if Buffy was worthy enough to wield Thor's hammer. The only season I’m definitely sure she’d be able to pick it up is season 5. She’s proved her worth (at least to me) as far as I’m concerned in that season and I actually started to really enjoy her character the following seasons.

But even though I liked her more in seasons 6 and 7 I don’t think she’d be able to get the hammer from the ground. Just sayin’.
Calling-wise, I don't think Buffy would feel need to fight any of them, except maybe Hulk. But I agree that if he got hold of her, she'd be mush.