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Father’s Day was spent moderating the interaction between the kitten and my cat which was good. It kept me distracted most of the day and I learned that Thea is prissy thing who violently dislikes interlopers. I did keep the Eureka marathon on in the background and the finale episode that aired made me bawl like a baby. Dammit.

The kitten was adopted on Saturday from the local Animal Welfare League Shelter and she’s a 3mth old grey and white domestic short hair (aka a mutt). She’s a snuggler which is different from Thea who only wants attention on her terms. Her foster family named her Little Dove (why do shelters give such goofy names?) which, after much internal debate, was changed to Gracie. (Gracie Lou when she’s being silly.) Her meow is more like a high-pitched squeak that she makes whenever I’m not paying enough attention to her. Thea usually looks on with disdain.

I’ll post pictures once I have some that I can actually use. Gracie is not one for sitting still unless she’s on my lap and it’s a little hard to take a picture of her then. *shakes head*

They can be. :) I like dogs too, but unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow me to have one.
Sounds like someone in the foster family may be a Game of Thrones/Sansa fan!

Either way, kittens, adorable, yay :)
Kitty! Moderation between the two is of the good - hopefully they are making positive steps :)
I threw moderation to the wind yesterday and left them together all day. Neither had any injuries so I did the same today. :)
She's pretty freakin' cute and my mom is now contumplating adopting an older dog so she has something in the house with her.
I now have the urge to watch 'Miss Congeniality'.

Congratulations on the newest member of your family! (I'm so jealous! ;p) I can't wait to see pictures.
Which is where I got the Gracie Lou from. :) Goofy definitely fits that movie.

Her squweaks are pretty adorable. :D