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anita blake: kiss the dead

For some reasons I continue to read this series and I think I’ve figured out why. I adore the beginnings of the books. Adore!

But about two-thirds of the way through Anita always seems to slip down the smutty rabbit hole and into bed with numerous characters. I’m not a prude (or at least I don’t see myself in that light), but I’m honestly tired of all the sex. It’s become boring and repetitive. At least with the Merry Gentry series there’s magic to toss around and the sex creates things so I have something to look forward after those scenes. There's nothing to look forward to in the ABVH series outside of Anita having an existential crisis—though granted she’s gotten a lot better about that.

Of course her being more accepting of sex means she has more of it.   

This new book did have some high points. It’s very Zebrowski focused at the beginning and really establishes the friendship shared between him and Anita. I admit I have a soft spot for him and most of the satellite characters to be honest.

I’ve also grown to violently dislike Asher. I was never overtly fond of him, but now I kinda wish him dead. Which is a shame because I do see potential in his character which is why I read fanfiction focusing on him, but I think I’ll have to avoid those in the near future as well. The book left a terrible echo of him in my head.

Jean-Claude finally made a reappearance which I’m grateful for because I like his character. He’s one of the few that I’ve liked since the beginning and still do. The others on that short list are: Zebrowski, Edward, Jason and Sylvie.

I wish that list was longer and Anita was on it. 

I really, really do.