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where did that come from?

So somehow I’ve hit 3000 reviews on TtH. I’m pretty sure I’m flabbergasted and a smidgen confused as to when the hell that happened, but it did and it makes me smile so I guess that’s a good(intimidating as all get out) thing. :)

So thank you to those that have reviewed! You’re awesome!

On a completely random note I’m thinking of signing up for the journeystory bigbang again this year with the full intentions of finishing a story this time around. The question becomes what do I write 10K words about?

The three contenders are: original writing, Miles to Go series or the Vampire Diaries bunny. Which one of these are you all most interested in seeing? (Before anyone asks my Marvel story should be done and posted well before this story.) Original is a werewolf piece; Miles to Go will probably be Pike’centric; Vampire Diaries will be the bunny where Dracula turns Buffy into a VD!vampire.

I’m intrigued by all of these bunnies, but I must settle/focus on one or else my muse won’t work on any. It’s her MO as of late. Brat.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!