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Dear Thea (aka Thea Bonita),

                Have I told you how much I appreciate how understanding you were when I found out about dad’s cancer? I know you’re not big on being picked up or held for extended periods of time (or at all really), but when I came home you let me hold you for hours and just cry. I needed that. I also needed the laugh you prompted by sniffing incessantly at my face as if wondering where all the water was coming from. Thank you.

                I know there’s a new kitten in our lives and you’ve been surprisingly accepting of the whole situation. Don’t think I didn’t notice you cleaning her last night when you thought I wasn’t looking. I know she chases you around and tends to dive bomb you from the back of the couch, but I think the exercise is good for you. You haven’t been nearly as active since I moved you away from your boyfriend Blaze. I adopted her because I was worried about you so I’m glad to see you two already getting along pretty well (at least for the most part).

You’re a surprisingly friendly and sociable cat. Don’t ever change and try to teach Gracey a thing or two about that.

Love You Lots,
Keeper of the Food and the Catnip

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