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second time's a charm

I signed up for the journeystory bigbang and I shall be writing a 10K Pike’centric story for it. Should be interesting/challenging and hopefully real life is kind to me this time around. My rough draft isn’t due until Nov 2nd so I have time, but I hope to have the story completed by the end of Sept. That’s my personal goal.

Also are there any artists on my flist that are interesting in making art for the story? I’d probably be working close with you and you’d get to read the story (and probably a ton of sneak peeks) before anyone else. For those considering Ian Somerhalder is the actor portraying Pike in my mind so I’d like him to portray Pike in the artwork and he’s super easy to find high quality images of on the net. ;)

You're right, this DOES make someone happy!

*raises hand* I'm available as minion! :D
I thought it might. :) I would have signed up the third story, but it's less about a journey and I didn't want to cheat the bigbang.

I've put in a notice to the bigbang mods to see how to sign you up as my artist. Emphasise on my because I'm greey and won't share you. *smish*
You definitely weren't wrong there :) Understandable. I'm just happy you're going back to this series, and Pike is definitely a "subject" I look forward to seeing explored. One doesn't see much relating to him and in this case it will be VERY interesting considering the fact that you've both changed the actor (again, good choice!) and because you've made him a part of a universe and story that I find very interesting and hope that you will continue to explore in the future :)

Haha, you're allowed to be greedy! I don't want to be anybody elses minion either, so this works out perfectly :D And hay, you managed to get me all yours from the getgo last time we teamed up as well (lapsang souchon) so I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem this time around either :)
I'm glad my muse seems inclined to return to this series and Supernatural in general. I think it's best that I haven't watched most of the last season that airied. It's recorded on my DVR, but I'll wait until I'm finished with this story before attempting to watch it since I think my waning interest in the show was contributing to my lack of writing.

I was never a big fan of Luke Perry, even during the 90210 days I was more of a Brandon girl, and thus he had to be recast. I think Ian just works for the Pike I have conjured in my head. I've more plans for his character in the fifth story (or would it be sixth after I complete this prequel) of the series. I've plans for him. :)

YAY! I am greedy and bouncy. I'm just awaiting my response, but it's only been a few days so I can wait some more.

I'm excited for this, as well! May both life and the muses be kind this go 'round!