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While my mother and I were out shopping this past weekend we hit up DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse for those that don’t have one in your area) and I was in search of heels for work and for fun. I found a pair of silver glitter covered Steve Madden pumps that were screaming “New Years!” at me and showed them to my mother who began to laugh.

In between giggle fits she managed to inform me that my grandmother, her mother, had a pair of heels similar to the pair I was looking over. She too wore them for New Years or any special occasion in which she got to dress up. Well my mother’s sister, Aunt Candy, was notorious for borrowing items from other family members (she once hemmed another sibling’s jeans so she could wear them and then returned them, still hemmed, to that sibling’s closet) so my mother was not surprised to see the heels on my aunt’s feet, but the location in which she chose to wear them was the issue.

She chose wear them to church once brisk Sunday morning.

Well in the 60s this just wasn’t done so mother sat back and waited for my grandmother to take notice. Apparently she blushed from the collar of her dress to her hairline once she did and my Aunt Candy never borrowed those shoes again and my grandmother checked her church attire for the rest of the year.

I know this story isn't nearly as amusing as some of the others, but the smile it brought to my mother's face made it so I had to share. :)

That is hilarious!I cringe when I look back on the things I thought were appropriate to wear when I was very young. My eldest daughter does the same thing and my Mom just laughs.
I do the same, but my mother didn't allow me to leave the house if it wasn't decent. Those items I stashed in my purse or backpack and changed into once I got to the place I was going. :D
That's quite entertaining! So did she actually make it out the door with the shoes on? Or was she stopped ahead of time?