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Fic: Challenge Me

Title: Challenge Me

Word Count: 400

Fandom: Anita Blake

FFA: Faith/Raina

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and I am making no profit from the use of them.

Challenge Me
Someone should have told the werewolf slinking toward her that it wasn’t polite to wear your cousins as a jacket by now. Her auburn hair look dark and thick lying over the ginger fox fur and Faith’s brow arched in question when Raina stopped in front of her looking like that stick up her ass had left splinters during its removal.
She cocked her head, amber-brown eyes narrowing. “I want Cherry.”
Faith’s lips quirked and turned her attention to the nearly deserted restaurant. The few people still hanging around made her skin tight, the base of her spine tingle and she lifted a shoulder before turning back to the aggressive wolf. “She’s under my protection.”
The annoyance melted from Raina and she stepped forward, invaded the Slayer’s personal space and in a liquid smooth move the jacket was gone and dropped to the floor. “We could trade. I want Cherry for a new movie and you want…” She trailed off as her lips pull up into a suggestive half smile.
“I would.” A pink tongue slipped out, ran over a bottom heavy mouth and brown eyes dipped to watch—like intended. Faith snorted, looked up, met her only semi-human gaze and stepped forward, pressed her jean and cotton covered body against Raina’s silk and suede. Watched the other woman’s eyes flutter shut in an exaggerated show of enjoyment and whispered against her jaw, “But you’ve got nothing I want.”
Raina jerked her head around, the amber in her eyes lightened and the word, “Bitch,” was hissed into Faith’s face.
Pale lips quirked, “You want Cherry. Challenge me but until you grow a pair that big leave her the fuck alone.”
She slipped around Raina and made a beeline for the exit. The prickle at the base of her spine spread upward. Raising the hairs along the back of her neck and an army of invisible ants marched their way across every inch of exposed skin. A typical response from the Lupa of a pack that made Oz look sane during his once a month furriness.
Her brows dipped as a woman to her right swayed and fell to her knees, began to crawl back toward Raina. Faith shook her head, tossed the were-bitch a middle finger over her shoulder and left.
Portal’s sucked.
Alternate realities blowed.
And one day soon she was going to force-feed Raina one of her jackets.
The End.
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Oooh, Raina is no where near tough enough to take on Faith. I love that Faith got her a little hot and bothered and then shot her down. :D She totally deserved it.
Raina might not be tough but she's shifty. If they ever do fight Faith is gonna have to put forth a lot of effort to win.

As for Faith shooting her down. I just wanted someone do it. ;-) Raina seemed to have slept with anything that had a pulse or not.
Yay for Raina and Faith!

You did a great job with handling both of them. Yeah, the day that Raina decides to take on Faith is not going to be pleasant!
I don't think it will be pleasant for either of them. Raina maybe be all about the sex but she was tough and I think she could give Faith a run for her money. She wouldn't win but Faith would be hurt'in afterwards.

I think I want to touch base with this 'verse again...there is a Ffa Faith/Sylvie. *ponders*