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I contemplated signing up for the wishlist_fic challenge this year, but then realized I owe 5 people stories from 2010 and thought better of it. Hopefully I can at least get those stories completed by Christmas of this year. My muse just isn’t what it used to be, but I did join tamingthemuse so hopefully something will come out of that membership. 

One week, five hundred words and the first prompt up is 'Rough'.
I think taming will be a good practice to get into and I might even use it to break more into original writing. Good luck with wishlist!

No worries on the edit. I usually have to do it because of grammar. :)
I thought about doing the wishlist thing as well and knew I had a lot more than 5 from 2010 sitting sround. And my problem isn't so much about the muse, its more about finding time and energy to write. *sigh* I miss it greatly. *hugs*

EDIT: for appalling typos cause I originally posted from my phone. :)

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I'm fully intending to finish the 5 I owe and I hope to open myself to 6 prompts next year. I'll start slow and work my way back up. *crosses fingers* Let me know if you need cheerleading in regards to your owe writing. I hope to be on YIM later tonight.
TTM definitely helped me out so I hope it works for you! I actually stuck with it for more than two years and then had that miss just weeks before reaching goddess status since I forgot to post ahead of time before having to help out with Christmas set up, lol. But the 500 word limit was great since it either let me write something short or could go write even more.

Good luck!