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fic:courting death/BtVS,VD/Gen

Title: courting death
Word Count: 615
Fandom(s): Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Prompt: #337 – vibrant @ tamingthemuse
Warnings: none
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. Vampire Diaries and all related characters are copyright of L.J. Smith, Kevin Williams and the CW. No infringement intended.


Salt saturated the night air as the ocean breeze slipped between the headstones and stirred the few leaves that had prematurely fallen, leaves that were trampled by a small blonde as she exerted herself attempting to destroy a demonic creature that sullied the term vampire. While Klaus was aware of the, insignificant, fact that this breed had come long before his own he was also certain Esther had purposefully improved upon his lineage’s namesake with her spell—evolution at its finest. Though he could find use of a creature that lacked a soul, he’d learned their nearly nonexistent control greatly outweighed their efficiency.

The thud of her heartbeat drew him back to the fight and blue eyes narrowed as the brute effortlessly lifted the reason Klaus had come to Sunnydale and tossed her to the ground. Buffy Summers, the Slayer—but currently not the only one—regained her footing and charged her opponent. Her earlier playfulness lost as she leapt into the air, hands catching sturdy shoulders for an added boost up before her leather encased thighs wrapped around the thick neck of the demon. Her back arched, arms swinging down to catch herself as she performed her own version of an effortless toss. Her performance tugged forth an amused smirk from Klaus as she brought her stake down and into the exposed chest of her prey.

Salt was replaced by sulfur and he watched a smile, not unsimilar to his own, grace her mouth before she rose to dust off the knees of those interesting slacks. Her heart continued its rapid tempo as she picked her way through the headstones and back towards the entrance of the cemetery. Cheeks flushed with the exertion and a slight bounce in her step that belied the, however brief, moment that she’d danced with death.

She appeared, at first glance, to be nothing at all like the last Slayer he’d encountered. Margit had been a broken thing and then had quickly become a thing with a broken neck. Klaus lacked the patience with many things, he was well aware of this flaw in his character, but mostly he despised those in want of spirit. He’d found her self-loathing tedious. Margit had been ashamed of her power, her love of the hunt and in the end he’d introduced her to death, perhaps a bit sooner than she’d intended, but she had still welcomed it all the same.

He liked to think of it as charity on his part, though perhaps to others, such as her family and Watcher, it made him a monster. He liked that too.

Ms. Summers on the other hand seemed to revel in her calling and had found a way to welcome death into her life without chasing it. He found that fascinating which gave credence led to the reason for his visit to this small town. To meet the infamous Slayer the supernatural world couldn’t chatter enough about—and, perhaps, because he was bored. Though bored or not Klaus knew he couldn’t approach her this night, not while the high from her latest kill still ran her blood hot, without the aid of compulsion.

Compulsion and Slayers was tricky business. It didn’t always take.

Instead he watched her easy stride take her from the cemetery and to the streets. She picked her way through the denizen of Sunnydale, green eyes narrowed and sweeping the shadows for dangers completely unaware of him, as her heart pattered on. Struggling to keep her, like all mortal creatures, alive. Klaus followed it, the sound of her heart, and found himself intrigued by this slip of a human with a death ridden destiny that didn’t want to die.

So I was excited to see that I didn't need to know a damn thing about the Vampire Diaries in order to understand this fic. And now damn you cause this Klaus guy is interesting. You are just doing your damndest to get me to watch aren't you? ;)

I like seeing Buffy though a different set of eyes, one that clearly knows who she is and has heard about her. Love the comparison between her and Margit. That Buffy is embracing her Calling unlike the other girl. However, this compulsion thing has me worried.... I'm really going to have to watch aren't I?

And yay for new ficcage from Ava!!!!!
I've told you once and I'll tell you again: The villains make the Vampire Diaries. ;)

I fully intended, but make no promises, to widen on this concept and get Buffy's views on Klaus to give you a better idea of who he is 'cause he's an interesting character. He's also prone to bouts of violence and tenderness so we'll see how this series unfolds.

New ficcage hopefully every week at the very least!
Yes yes yes, I wish there were more Klaus and Buffy fics out there, possibly my favourite villain to come out of any series since Spike I think that's why my brain instantly goes there.

Hope to see more in the future!
I'm hoping to turn this into a series of ficlets and shorts depending on the prompts and what they inspire so hopefully there's more where this came from. :) I've found myself fond of all the villains on Vampire Diaries so far (well the vampires at least).

Thank you for reviewing!
Oh Klaus don't know what is hitting him. Buffy is the most rare Slayer he will ever meet. two mastervampire lovers, having a family and friends, making deals with the enemy, only kills evil demons instead of all. came back from the death twice. made another Slayer and still be an active Slayer and the best part, they don't know yet, making so much slayers that in the end no one has to fight alone anymore and she becoming the Queen Slayer.

Yep he won't know whats hitting him.
If the muse had cooperated there would have been a second scene to this short explaining that Klaus is replacing Dracula at the beginning of season five. I have high hopes of another prompt triggering more of this verse but for the moment I'm bowing to muse so that she sticks around. :)

As for Klaus I think he'd know what he's coming up against since he tends to be very detail orientated when it comes to his foes and allies. Of course Buffy's never been one to react the same way twice...