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So I’ve rediscovered an old BtVS/SPN fic that’s currently tickling my muse so I’m tentatively hopeful to work on something other than the tamingthemuse prompts. I’m not pushing myself though so it might be a slow going, but it’s going which is leaps and bounds ahead of where I use to be.

I’ve taken a page outta kaylashay’s book and started keeping track of my process. It’s kinda invigorating to know just how many words I’ve written/posted. I’m only counting posted words at this point in the process to give myself just an extra incentive to get things finished and up.

January Word Count – 4800

It’s a decent start since I’m not sure I wrote 4800 words total last year and I’m already nearly half that for the month of February. So hopefully my unwritten goal of writing a little more each month stays on track. :)

Wish me luck!
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I'm finding the counting helpful. :)

YAY! I'm leaning towards asking for a continuation with my newest saved prompt - cause I have scary faith in you.
Damn. Go ahead and ask that. I know exactly how to continue my idea into a two parter.