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Why am I such a nerd when it comes to continuity and research? I had a good thing going with the story I'm writing for the tamingthemuse's prompt and now I'm stuck.

Why the frilly heck can't vampire's compel werewolves in the Vampire Diaries 'verse?

*kicks the fandom*

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Because it would drive you nuts if you had read a fic where someone else had allowed it just for plot convenience :D
In Plan B - Damon says werewolves can not be compelled because they are supernatural creatures.
Thanks. I understood the why, I meant that the fact that werewolves can't be compelled is what's tripping me up. :)
Oooh. I misunderstood, my bad! LOL. Darn, not sure what to suggest cause I don't really know the circumstances in the story.