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fic:this seat's taken/VD/Gen

Title: this seat’s taken
Word Count: 600
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Prompt: #343 incorporeal @ tamingthemuse
Warning: ***Spoilers*** Vampire Diaries; S:4;E:2 “Memorial”
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Vampire Diaries and all related characters are copyright of L.J. Smith, Kevin Williams and the CW. No infringement intended.


There’d been a time in his life when he’d hated Damon Salvatore. Hell everyone had hated him at one time or another, even—or perhaps especially—his own brother. The son of a bitch made it a habit of pissing everyone, and everything, off around him in ways that amazed, and he’d admit sometimes amused, Alaric. He’d eventually grown tolerant to his less stellar personality quirks (the homicidal inducing and committing ones), and eventually the tolerance led to acceptance and before he knew what’d happened the vampire he’d come to Mystic Falls to kill had become his best friend.

Some vampire hunter he’d turned out to be.

A snort shook his chest and he leaned forward, propping his forearms on the bar in front of him. The Mystic Grill was abuzz with patrons, but over the steady din of noise he heard Damon lean forward to order himself another bourbon. Cindy, the waitress Damon usually flirted with incessantly (possibly indecently), was nearly ignored as she filled the lowball glass and Alaric watched him stare into it a moment before swallowing half and he opened his mouth; to comment, to admonish and then simply thought better of it and went back to starting at the bar top. He’d memorized the water rings long ago and even left some of his own, the scar pattern on the wood as familiar to him as his companion. A depressing thing that.

“Damon,” he was ignored and Alaric sighed, “Right, I’ll just sit here quietly talking to myself then.”

His head shook and a hand rose, rubbing over the days old stubble across his chin as Alaric considered his best, least logical—since logic and Damon never went hand in hand—way to get through to his friend. A friend that was about as flexible as a piece of rebar, well as flexible as a piece of rebar would be in his hands. Damon continued to stare ahead, completely, and annoyingly, oblivious to Alaric’s plight as he took another sip of bourbon and looked about as interested in the world outside his head as Alaric was at playing chaperone at another high school kegger.

Rolemodel thy name was Alaric Saltzman.

The smile that twisted his mouth was self-deprecating, but he was distracted by his disparaging of himself by the arrival of Elena. Her hand curved over the back of his chair as she came along side it and prompted, voice laced with annoyance, “Did you do it?”

“That seat’s taken.”

Damon’s response swiveled Alaric’s head away from Elena’s confused stare and he can’t help the small curl of hope in the pit of his stomach even as Elena countered, “But there’s no one here.”

His head turned and blue eyes looking past Alaric to narrow on Elena as he replied, “Well, I’m just going to pretend like there’s someone there,” he emphasized the space Alaric filled with a swirl of his glass in that direction, “Because the alternative is just too damn depressing.”

He offered her a tight-lipped smile and went back to his drink with a flourish only Damon can get away with without looking like a complete ass—perhaps a little ass-like, but not wholly ass. Alaric sat back, ignoring the rest of their conversation and wallowed, at least for a moment, in his own need of a glass of bourbon.

They left him, alone, completely wrapped up in themselves.

It was almost like old times.

Except he was dead.

And, well, they were dead too, but only a little.

The ever after was not turning out the way he’d expected (see hoped).
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Ok, now that I've got a few eps under my belt, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this. I don't know Alaric yet, but I loved his views on Damon and how you worked the prompt into the fic. But I love how he can be his friend but still acknowledge that he's an ass, and his less than stellar use of logic, but is still there with him. :D

*bounces* And now I'm ready for more.;)
Yay for enjoying! Alaric will be coming up in the middle of the first season. I think you'll like him. :)
A little bit sad, and wholly awesome. Love the way you write Alaric's voice.
Thank you! I think 'A little bit sad, and wholly awesome.' sums up Alaric nicely which means I captured the way I see him. :D