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fic:Consolation Prize/BtVS,SPN/Gen

Title: Consolation Prize
Word Count: 1155
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural
Prompt: #346 non sequitur @ tamingthemuse
Rating: FR10
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon and ME. Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. No infringement intended.

Note: Sequel (of sorts) to ‘James Dean He Wasn’t


The air conditioning kicked on above Dawn Summers and brought the vent to rattling life. Her brows slopped downward with the intrusion on her homework and she glanced up to glare at the inanimate object as if it could comprehend her ire—and since this was Sunnydale it just might. With a huff, which turned into a snort, she rose from her table in front of the computer lab and walked towards the two students currently in detention and serving their afterhours fun in the library.

Kit Holburn arched a brow at her approach, but since Dawn had an in with the faculty member currently running said detention she wasn’t too worried about a reprimand. A studded strap was tugged and Kit’s shoulder bag slid from the table to the floor allowing Dawn to snag the seat beside her friend. She rearranged her notes and opened, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ to begin reading, but her homework was once again thwarted by the other detainee whispering at her.

She’d have thought of it as whispering to her, but that would infer the whisperer was polite. He wasn’t.

“Psst! Hey, you! Hey!”

Blue eyes rolled and she caught Kit’s smirk as she was tugged away from Scout rubbing Walter’s nose in the dirt once again before she looked up at the annoyingly talkative person (weren’t those in detention supposed to be on the quiet side) that was sitting diagonal from her. She blinked, startled by the attractiveness of said annoying person before her irritation reappeared, prettiness did not make up for rudeness, and she snapped, “What?”

“You in Honors English?”

Dawn frowned, since obviously he wasn’t, before she nodded. “Yeah.”

“Sam Winchester. You know ‘em?”

Dawn sighed, about to snap at him that she didn’t know everyone in every Honors English course when she recalled the new guy who sat in the back and kept to himself. Her gaze dropped, taking in the flannel shirt rolled up over forearms that were twice the size of Sam Winchester’s biceps and her brows tugged inward as she inquired, “Why?”

He returned her frown with one of his own. “He’s my brother.”

“Oh!” The apprehension melted from Dawn’s face and she nodded. “Yeah,” she paused, corrected, “I mean I know of him. I don’t know him, know him.”

Brows tugged down over a pair of green eyes and Dawn fought off the urge to blush as the guy frowned at her and Kit gave her a sideways glance that had her shifting uncomfortably under their perusal. “Right.” His head inclined and he asked all slow like, as if the question might be too much for her, “How’s he doin’?”

Regardless of how social inept he might find her to be Dawn knew an overprotective older sibling when she saw one and, like usual, it brought out her inner bitch. “Have you asked him?”

“I’m askin’ you.”

His mouth thinned into an angry line and Dawn snorted. “Are you trying for intimidating? ‘Cause, in that case, you need to work on that scowl.”

“I asked him,” the teenager snapped, “But he says he’s fine, great, whatever and then buries his head in a damn book.” He hesitated, realizing his voice had gained volume and he cleared his throat. “He’s my kid brother. I look out for him.” His head inclined and Dawn found herself on the receiving end of a once over. “You single?”


Kit snickered beside her and continued to pretend to be working on her assignment which caused (yes, caused) Dawn’s foot to shoot towards her under the table. A startled yelp escaped Kit and her leg jerked, knee striking the underside of the table with a dull thud that had all three of them ducking their heads in unison. Dawn risked a glance at the desk furthest from them and saw her sister giving her best ‘strict’ face to their little group, which in Dawn’s opinion made her look constipated. Not that she’d ever tell her sister that though. She liked her face just the way it was and her current ground-free existence thanks very much.

“She’s single.”

Kit’s readily supplied answer nearly got her kicked again, but Dawn refrained and shot her sister an irritated look before she glanced back at the annoyingslashattractive guy (suddenly she got her sister’s first description of Angel in her diary from way back when) and found him giving her that same curious once over.

“I’m a dateless wonder,” she snapped and jerked her chin towards her sister, “Just ask her.”

His brows tugged inward, and Dawn wonder absently if that was his thinking face, before he replied, “What does Ms. Summers have to do with anything?”

“Ms. Summers?” Dawn scoffed. “Try older, pain in the ass sister.”

“Sister?” After Dawn’s nod his brows rose, “How much older?”

Blue eyes narrowed and she countered, “She likes older men,” Dawn shook her head, “Like way older.”

“So you interested?”

“Who’re you, Ralph Wiggum?” Dawn snapped, “Stop with the non sequiturs already.”

Another snicker escaped from Kit and Dawn sparedher a frown before she looked back to the teenager across from her and found him mouthing ‘non sequiturs’ to himself. Her eyes rolled, again, and she snapped ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ closed and leaned forward. He looked to her and stopped mouthing words to himself and Dawn found this scowl far more intimidating as she smiled. “Say what you mean, mean what you say and stop with the topic jumps.”

“Sam needs to get outta the house and apparently,” his gaze dipped to take all of her in, “So do you.”

“There’s the Bronze,” Kit supplied ever so helpfully and Dawn shot her a glare to rival the one she’d sent her sister.

“That dive club?”

“It’s the only place worth going to in town,” Kit answered before Dawn could put an end to the conversation and any hopes this guy had at pairing her up with his brother.

“Yeah,” he agreed, “you definitely need more town here.” Green eyes turned back to Dawn and he inquired, “You interested?”

“She is.”

“I don’t think—”

Dawn glared at Kit and Kit glared right back at her until Dawn huffed and replied, “I wouldn’t be allowed to go alone.”

She glanced over to see she’d said the exact wrong thing because the teen was nodding. “Great. I’ll bring my brother and you bring your sister,” and with those words he rose and strolled his way towards the desk her sister was occupying.

“I think you just got played.”

“I just…” Dawn trailed off and frowned at Kit.

“Perk up.”

“Perk,” Dawn frowned harder, “Why am I perking about this?”

“The consolation prize is pretty adorkable.”

“Consolation prize?”

“Sam Winchester,” Kit replied in her most duh voice before she further explained, “He’s been watching you all week in class.”

“He has?”


“You set this up,” Dawn accused.



“Oh yeah.”

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ROFLMAO!!!! Omgees! Too funny. I had to go back and read the first one, apparently I missed it when you posted.

Poor Dawnie, having Kit set her up, and Dean just being Dean. And her little aside thoughts/comments about Buffy - pure gold.

Just the pick me up I needed today.

*smishes* And doesn't this make ten weeks?
I only posted the original one to buffyxdean so if you're not following that comm you would've missed it. :) I'm glad you liked this story since it was fun to write and not at all like pulling teeth as I thought Dawn might be when I first started.

Thanks for reading!

I kinda like the idea of Kit the mastermind. It's a shame they didn't make her a reaccuring character since she had such potential and spunk. :) I'm not sure if they'll be more in this particular verse but I do like the idea of Buffy constantly shooting down Dean's attempts at flirtation while Dawn gets her own reciprocated awkward flirtation with Sam.

Thank you for reading!
Looks like Dean managed to find an in after all :D Buffy is not going to be very happy with him, hehe.
Kit found that in and Dean just reaped the rewards of her hard work. No, I don't think Buffy will.