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So this last weekend I attended the MegaCon in Orlando Florida and met Oliver and James Phelps aka George and Fred Weasley from the Harry Potter films. They were incredibly sweet and rather adorable up close and I think my sister might have had a nerd’gasm in front of them.

I learned while waiting in line with her to meet them that the Weasley twins are her absolute favorite characters in the books and the actors did a fantastic job of bringing them to life. Alas I am only on book two so I’ve not grown as attached to the characters as she has, but her delight made me glad I invited her to go the Con and convinced her to get an autograph along with her picture. You usually spend far more time chatting with the stars when getting their autograph than when you take a picture with them.

I met Wil Wheaton. We shared a moment and he liked my t-shirt. I am content with this interaction. ;) Plus he was awesome enough to do a Charlie’s Angel Style photo with me. I will gladly share the image once I’m awake enough in the morning to remember to bring the print in to copy at work.

The next convention will be at the end of May. Norman Reedus will be at a horror based one and I shall be attending that. Oh yes. I shall.

We also went to Universal Islands of Adventure and I saw the Harry Potter section. Uber cool and my sister got dragged onto some rollercoasters. Which she then rediscovered her love for them and we went on a couple of them numerous times.

Fun was had by all.

Now enough yammering. I have a short to write.
That sounds so awesome, Ava!

I need to work on the short, but I have nothing in terms of inspiration, and I'm so behind on my big bangs right now. :-/
It was pretty fantastic. :)

It's only 500 words! You can do! Write about someone eating a papaya for the first time! Anything!

I have faith that you can do it!
Oooo! Sounds like a blast. I always love meeting the stars that come for the Superman Celebration because almost all of them have been very friendly and like to chat.

And the Harry Potter is on my to-do list. :)
It was a hoot and a half and I always have fun at the MegaCon. Mostly in the artist's alley but all of it is nifty.

The first book was meh, but my sister assured me they get better with each book and 6 and 7 are her absolute favorite.
I think it's awesome that you and your sister spent time together like this. I wish my sisters and I got to do things together more often, but we have super fun when we do. :D

And yay for meeting Wil Wheaton! (I know we discussed this the other night, but I still think it's super cool)
We live in the same city and you'd think we'd spend more time together, but we don't, *shrugs* It's gotten better since my dad passed and even before but we're slowly working towards a place where we're friends as well as sisters. It's odd and kinda nice.

WHEATON!!! Sorry channeling Sheldon. :D
I know how it goes. The baby sister only lives fifteen minutes away and I see her less than the one who lives four hours away. *shrugs*
Sounds like a great Con experience - I <3 Wheaton!

& Awww, Universal. I love that place. The Hulk used to be my favorite coaster. I loved that instead of that slow, inexorable climb at the start, it just shot you right into the ride immediately. Which one did your sister like best?

Happy writing!
It was definitely a blast.

I liked both of the dueling dragons coasters, but Hulk was definitely more intense. As for the most frightening/adrenaline inducing I'd have to say Dr. Doom's was pretty high on the list.

Thank you!