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So on the way to pick up a friend today I recalled a story I share with my dad as I was driving behind a Corvette. While I know most of these entries have been about the previous generation of my family I thought this one would be fun to write about. My father, for the longest time, had an obsession with Corvettes. He loved them, absolutely and completely, and we, the family, used this to our advantage numerous times throughout his life when it came to giving him presents. The poor man received anything from Corvette racing gloves to matchbox cars.

Well one year my father had enough of the teasing and he went out and purchased himself a Corvette. He traded in his Geo Metro (I would have paid good money to see the salesman's face when my dad offered it as a trade in) and drove home a silver Corvette. It was a beautiful car. He loved it (at least for a time) and he treated it like gold. It was kinda adorable watching him clean it every week to a meticulous shine.

The first sibling to drive it was my brother because that was the one thing that bonded those two. Cars. It didn't matter what they were going through at the time if you brought them together they always found a way to talk about cars. So on the day my dad drove that Corvette home he and my brother pulled out and drove off and didn't make it back until well after supper time. :)

A few weeks later I needed to get my brakes redone on my car and my dad offered to pick me up from the mechanic and we'd hang out until my car was done. He pulled up in his Corvette and, of course, one of the mechanics wandered out of the garage and chatted with my dad about his car. Glanced under the hood to admire the engine and then waved us off with a thanks to my dad for letting him have 'a look see.'

My dad turned to me and tossed keys. I caught them and stared at him blankly because at this point in my life I'd had two car accidents. I reminded him of this and he laughed and told me it was only a car. If something happened, it happened and to just get behind the damn wheel already as he slid in the passenger side.

Who was I to argue? So I did as requested and  the seats were leather and soft and I had been excited just to ride passenger, but now I was driving and the butterflies might have been bats. I knew how much my dad loved that car and so I was extra careful backing up and pulling out onto the highway, but when I hit the highway... well... I definitely hit the gas.

0 to 45 so quick I laughed and pushed her to 60 (it was a 55 zone) not a second after and we zoomed, as much as one can zoom at 60, down the road for awhile. My dad grinning like a fool beside me until I asked him why and I learned that my brother had never gone over 40, not even in the 55 zone, and I had gotten my lead foot from him.

I asked him if he wanted me to slow down and he told me no and then directed me to the interstate. The speed limit is 70 there.

We had a hell of a time that morning. :)
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Thank you! He was pretty good about sharing those types of things with his kids. Dads are universally awesome. *hugs back*