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Drabble:Redemption Obsolete

Title: Redemption Obsolete
Word Count: 200
Fandom: Constantine
FFA: Anne/Gabriel
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. 

Redemption Obsolete
“Hello Anne.”
The whispering voice clenched her fingers around the cardboard box that she hefted from the bed of her beaten truck. Head lowering, she almost missed the way her hair would curtain in front of her face, hide her from prying eyes. Anne stiffened with the reflex action, there was a reason she wore her pulled back now.
She sidestepped and continued into the shelter. “Good evening Gabriel.”
Gabriel spun after her, long, pale fingers dancing over a white coat. Pulled it straight over a slim, androgynous frame. “I need you Anne.”
Her lips lifted, “Funny. I was just thinking about how I didn’t need you.” She turned, lifted her head to meet Gabriel’s molted gaze unafraid. “Not anymore.”
“You know where you’re going Anne, Lily, Chan—”
“Stop.” She turned away, moving toward a worn table and deposited the box of donations before straightening. “You didn’t bring me back to torment me.”
“No.” Gabriel stepped forward, “I brought you back to be noble. To prove to our Creator that you are worthy of his love.”
Anne shook her head, “No. You brought me back to prove him wrong.”
“And you are making me look bad.”
She smiled, “Good.”
The End.
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Oooh, Gabriel is such a pain!! Go Anne for working to prove her wrong!!
Anne I think is one of the more complex background characters that Joss created and I always thought she deserved more screen time.

Glad you liked this and I was so happy when Constantine punched that androgynous bitch in the face.