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whistle while we work

I think I might actually get a short story posted that has nothing to do with tamingthemuse which is all sorts of exciting. Hopefully I can continue to focus the muse as I see fit, but I’m still making no promises or plotting things beyond a week to week which means Big Bangs are still out of the question. Perhaps next year I’ll attempt something, but until then I’ll keep going as am and hopefully it pays off.

On a real life note I go the promotion which opened the door for one of my other coworkers to get promoted. Which is all sorts of fantastic ‘cause I adore her and she could use the bump in her salary since she’s a single, and awesome, mom. I am the new Accounting Specialist and I’m contemplating taking a college course at the local community college, an accounting course, and see how that goes. It’d be nice to have an AA, but, like the writing, I want to start slow and get myself accustomed to the prospect rather than jumping in head first—which is my usual modus operandi if I’m being honest.

Though I’d never realized how much the previous woman wasn't having me do when it came to covering for her while she was sick/vaca/maternity. It’s a little crazy, but I’m certain I can do it, though I do admit that balancing the Cashier’s Check account took well over two hours and my head hurt just a little when I was done.

And since I found it hilarious I shall share a VD/BtVS crack!vid mashup underneath the cut.

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Xander's giggle at the end just does it for me. I'd forgotten how adorable he could be. :D