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I liked it, ma!

I took the momma’sita to see Star Trek Into Darkness and I have to say that I liked it far more than Star Trek (2009). It addressed a lot of my issues with the first film and by the end of the film I actually liked James T. Kirk. That couldn’t be said of Star Trek (2009).

I was never a fan of original Star Trek, but my parents were and so when Next Generation came on it was a Sunday ritual for the entire family to watch. Which is where my love for Wil Wheaton blossomed, it originated with ‘Stand By Me,’ but I adored him and Jonathan Frakes. Who didn’t have a crush on Riker?

My mother adored the new movie, she liked Star Trek, but this one hit all the right notes according to her. I think I’m a little in love with Benedict Cumberbatch, his name alone is badass, and he was delightful. I won’t go into too much detail, spoilers and all that, but I do highly recommend the film—even if you’re new to Star Trek.

If you aren’t new it might grate at times as I’m sure all reboots do. Unfortunately.
I saw it today, and I think Sulu might've just catapulted himself to second favorite dude (Bones is my number one dude and Uhura is my perfect flawless queen). The only real complaint I had was the casting of Cumberbatch for that particular role and it kinda ruined a lot surrounding his character for me. I'm probably going to post about it tomorrow. But other than that bit of casting fail, I really enjoyed the movie and thought they did a good job of fleshing out the characters. :)

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I'd be more inclined to agree with it being a fail, it is still in fact white washing as Hollywood is prone to do, if Cumberbatch hadn't done such a fantastic job. Perhaps sometimes characters become white washed because the best actor for the part happens to be white. I'm not sure Benicio Del Toro could have portrayed the same malevolence as Cumberbatch and honestly I find it hard to picture anyone else in the role, in this particular movie, because he did so well.

I might go and see it again tomorrow. *bounces* I like bank holidays.
I liked Star Trek (2009), but for some reason I couldn't shake the thought that this Kirk didn't deserve the Enterprise, but this second film addressed that thought nicely.

Cumberbatch might have converted me into watching his Sherlock.
i saw it last week and it was alot better than i expected it to be, i haven't seen the first film as i was never a star trek fan but my best friend really wanted to see it so i went with her. but im now a fan, but only of the movieverse (iv seen a few episodes of the t.v series and cannot get into them)