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Drabble: Dog in the Cocktail

Title: Dog in the Cocktail

Word Count: 200

Fandom: Dark Angel

FFA: Oz/Joshua

Disclaimer: I do not own there characters and I am making no profit from the use of them.

Dog in the Cocktail
Halloween had ended several hours before, leaving the streets mostly deserted. Which was a good thing because he had been tracking a not entirely human scent since six blocks over. His hands found their way into the pockets of his hoodie as Seattle’s fall started to slip toward freezing. He paused, head tilted back, nostrils flaring before sneakered feet lead him to a dilapidated home with a worse than most porch.
He looked for movement through the windows before shrugging and freeing one hand to knock against the door. There was a crash and then a scrambling of steps before a massive, not entirely human answered the door.
“Tricks and Treats?”
He blinked up at the thing that smelled off, looked off and widened his eyes. “Hey.”
Blue eyes stared at him silently a moment before a large head cocked in confusion. His new acquaintance made a gruff sound and leaned forward to sniff. Then pulled back, his gaze focusing on lavender hair before he stated with certainty. “Dog in your cocktail.”
Pale lips quirked, “You’re not entirely wrong.”
A hand landed on his shoulder, tugged him inside with enough force to stumble the much smaller man. “Come in!”
The End.
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awwww.... that's sweet for some reason. I just came off of watching both seasons of dark angel over the last week... I'm on a DA high.

DA was very addictive. Especially considering I bought season 1 & 2 last a week and a half ago and I've watched both of them now.

I also found my first ship I really want to see together. Max/Logan

I also learned that Dean picking up the teeth jar in Benders had to be an homage to Ben's little teeth fetish.
*nods* I really liked the Max/Logan pairing. Of course the second season and the virus irked me to no end. I also learned that absolutely hate the Max/Alec pairing. Sorry but she was a complete and utter bitch to him even when he didn't deserve it. (I'm a big enough person to realize that sometimes he did)

And yes the teeth part in Benders made me shudder and I thought of poor Ben instantly. Creepy little homage if you ask me.

The virus irked me to no end as well.

There were many times I wanted to smack Alec, but at the end of the day, I wanted to give the poor guy a hug. He tried to fight against what he was trained to do all on his own when he tried to save the girl he realized he loved. By my reasoning, he also ended up in psy-ops and/or reintegration 3 times. The first when the original group escaped and the clones caught the worst of it. The second when they learned Ben had become a serial killer. The third when he tried to save the girl. No wonder he recognized the psy-ops chic.
Awww, I just love Oz. And he's such an easygoing guy I could see him easily getting along with Joshua. I just love that big guy. :D
I'm working on my Joshua and Oz voices for the big crossover I'm slowly writing. They're both so sweet and calm. I think they'd get along fabulously and plus I think Oz is smaller than Max which would make him littlest fella.