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accomplished; is me

I think perhaps it might be safe to say that tamingthemuse has gotten me back on the writing horse. It hasn't always been easy to get something posted in time, but I've managed to do it for 22 weeks and counting. I think the subject of this post about sums up how I feel. :)

My standings are as follows:

January - 4800
February - 7900
March – 17035
April – 10595
May - 9705

Which if anyone else is keeping track means I've surpassed 50K!!! With a little over 3500 of it being original writing!



Damn skippy! 
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*cheers and throws confetti*


You're kicking my butt at this... *wonders back to word file to finish a fic*
Thank you! *smishes*

Though it's not a competition... unless that makes you write more, Then in fact it is. ;)
Whoo hoo!!!!

And on a slightly unrelated note, have you been posting something and then taking the post down? I've received two notifications of a post in the past two days, but when I click on the link it says it doesn't exist. *is confuzzled*

I did post something about journey bigbang and then took it down and another thing about reviews. Both seemed a bit whinny so I removed them. ;)