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i may have spoken too soon

This last month was harder on my muse and I saw a dip in my amount of words written. I firmly blame the prompt 'father' for messing with my flow so very much. The badness rolled over into the last week's prompt and left me floundering until sudden inspiration hit and I added to the Miles to Go'verse. Weird.

January - 4800
February - 7900
March – 17035
April – 10595
May - 9705
June - 7850

I shall strive to do better this month and write more Sherlock! 
But yay for some writing... that's better than no writing at all. *nods*

I'm over 1500 words into a fic based on the prompt you gave me the other day... looks like it might make it to about 2000 before I wrap it up. :)
June was a rough month for the both of us. *smishes* But we will make July better, despite the crappy day we've had ;)
June was not a good month this year and July might be a harsh master as well. We'll hafta hold each other up. *smishes*
I just wanted to tell you that I'm while I'm just generally so impressed with your writing, the fact that you were able to power through despite that prompt, Ava, just makes me fangirl you even harder.

I hope the badness is receding and you and your muse are back to a better place.

:: hugs ::
*blushes* Thank you! I know what I wrote for that prompt was the bare minimum of word length and just a little haunting (which was my mood), but I'm still rather proud of myself for soldiering through.

The badness seems to be lingering. It affected my muse this week as well and I didn't actually start writing the prompt until Friday. *frowns* I hope to get started on this week's prompt tonight.