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fic:past, present, future/BtVS,ST:AOS/Gen

Title: Past, Present, Future
Chapter 1: Arrival
Word Count: 2000
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek AOS
Prompt: #363 great barrier reef@ tamingthemuse
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. Star Trek and all related characters are copyright of Gene Roddenberry, JJ Abrams and Paramount Pictures. No infringement intended.
Note: Star Trek AOS will be appearing in later chapters (most likely the next).

Synopsis: The last thing Buffy remembered was D’Hoffryn’s follower summoning a lighting storm.

Water swept around her supine form, pulling the ground out from beneath her bit by bit and that sensation was what awoke Buffy Summers. Brows tugged low as she blinked up at the cloudless sky and her hands clenched in the pliable ground. It shifted, slipping through her fingers, softer than sand and looser than silt as she gazed up at that clear sky and stared at the moon. It hung there in broad daylight, large—larger than she’d ever seen it—and dominating that sky.

The pale yellow cast to it was normalish, but she couldn’t detect the craters that were usually present on the moon. Instead that perfect sphere gave Buffy the nagging sensation that she wasn’t in the state of Queensland in Australia any longer and she wasn’t going to get to see the Great Barrier Reef—again. She’d been to Australia three times in recent years and had yet to see the damn reef and regardless of her current predicament she was irritated beyond reason by that little fact.

There was the slight chance that her mind was latching onto the trivial so she wouldn’t have to focus on how monumentally screwed she was, but Buffy chose to narrow in on the trivial and welcomed the wash of agitation as she dragged herself up and onto her feet. The sand, for lack of a better term, latched onto her back reminding her of the stickiness of the brownie batter she and Dawn had made the previous weekend.

Thoughts of Dawn were quelled as she felt her throat constrict as tears blurred her vision and Buffy forced herself to focus on the coastline stretching out as far as she could see on either side of her. The sand beneath her boots was grey and malleable, but her boot heels sunk into it which had her assuming it held a higher concentration of water. Quicksand was not something she able, or in the mood, to deal with at the moment.

Buffy made her way further from the water and towards the pale green vegetation that looked similar to grass just a few yards away. The ground solidified the further inland she went and Buffy’s gaze swept the new terrain for signs of her friends and mini-slayers first. They’d been in Australia to combat a group of D’Hoffryn’s followers when one of them had called forth a lightning storm.

It had been suspended above the battlefield and flooding the clouds with vivid streaks of light when Faith had called for a retreat. Buffy had complied and called back her group of mini-slayers as Willow did her witchy best to keep whatever it was contained in those clouds. Her best friend had cried a warning and Buffy remembered the air around her iodizing, the vapor saturated her clothing a split-second before the world turned clear and brilliant white.

The next thing Buffy knew she was waking beneath a sky that wasn’t entirely Earth-like and her fruitless search of the coast brought home the realization that she was alone. Relief swept through her a brief moment before loneliness and desperation set it. She didn’t know where she was or how the rest of her friends had fared in the battle. Though, to be fair, if she was the only one stranded in this strange dimension that was probably a good. Not so good for her, but definitely good for the rest of their group.

She gnawed at the inside of her lip a moment, swallowing the urge to cry her frustration up at an unfamiliar sky and a moon that was entirely too close before she turned to look out at the grass-like covered plan. In the distance she could see trees, that appeared to have purple leaves and white bark, and Dawn’s insistence of watching Surviorman every chance she got gave Buffy the knowledge that waiting for around for Willow to locate and drag her ass back home wasn’t an option.

She needed water and shelter—preferably in that order.

A low lying branch held her leather jacket and jeans and Buffy struck them with a leafy branch in an attempt to free them of the clinging sand. The lace tunic she’d worn into battle was, thankfully, long enough to double as a dress—a very short dress that’d she’d never allowed Dawn out of the apartment in—and while her knee-high boots were filthy, they weren’t as waterlogged as her clothing.

She’d set them beside the tree with her socks draped over the top and her two knives and a stake were laid out next to them. The sword she’d been caring must’ve been left behind when she lost consciousness and since Buffy hadn’t caught sight of it during her search of the beach she assumed it was still on Earth. Jealousy of an inanimate object probably wasn’t the healthiest of attitudes, but she couldn’t seem to help herself and, really, the sword had it coming.

A few more choice words were muttered out of the corner of her mouth as she continued to brush the sand from her clothing. Her hair hung around her face and shoulders in mass of waves that she had no hope of taming without a good conditioning and blow dry. A furtive glance at her surroundings brought on a snort and a shake of her head with that train of thought. Buffy stopped her brushing, arm falling away since she’d finally managed to remove a majority of the sand from her jacket, but the jeans were likely a lost cause without a thorough washing.

She turned, making her way back towards the small stream she’d stumbled across in her search of the tree line. She’d been unwilling to leave sight of the beach—just in case—until she heard the sounds of running water and thirst had won out over hope. Buffy had enough presence of mind to notate the position of the sun and moon in the sky before heading into the forest so she could find her way back.

Though find was a strong word, really, she just knew in which direction to walk.

There were slick stones in varying shades of grey and black covering the stream’s bottom and Buffy could see small fish-like creatures darting around her as she waded ankle deep. They were narrow and longer than the minnows she was used to seeing ponds, but their coloring of silver with black flecks was far more normal than anything else she’d stumbled across during her trek through the woods. Granted she hadn’t run into many animals, but some of the tracks she’d seen in the dirt did not bode well for her finding shelter in the forest that night.

The water spilling around her ankles called her attention back to its blissful coolness and she crouched down, careful to gather her tunic at her side to keep it dry before allowing herself another handful of water. She was attempting to limit her intake on the off chance it was poisonous and if the water didn’t kill her then the rumblings in her stomach might soon force her to snatch one of those little fish creatures to munch on.

She’d do her best to imagine it was sashimi.

Nightfall had brought with it two more moons, which made this dimension’s—though she was starting to think it was another planet entirely—total to three, but the night sky was still exceptionally dark beyond those moons. They were both set higher in the sky than the one she’d seen during the day, more similar to Earth’s, and with them came the tide that swept forward to invade the grassy plan she’d crossed to reach the forest. If she’d landed on that beach at night there was the very distinct possibility she would have drowned.

A breeze crept up with the tide, stirring her hair and Buffy drew her arms in closer, tightening them around her middle and the whisper of leather brushing against leather was currently the only noise outside of the wind. She’d pulled her jacket back on with the setting of the sun and her jeans were draped over her left arm. The knives had been tucked back into her knee high boots and the hilts chafed her calves without the jeans, but they were currently a stiff mess of cloth that she had little hope of dragging up her legs.

The wind hit the tree line at her back and brought the branches to humming life. Buffy turned with the sound, dragged her gaze away from the coast and her futile search for any signs of a rescue attempt to watch the leaves twist above her. They were flat and wide like a maple leaf, but that was where the similarities ended. The leaves decorating the trees and covering the forest floor were all in varying shades of purple: from the palest of lavenders, which appeared to be the new growth, to the darkest of magentas decorating the forest floor.

Under different circumstances she’d find the forest beautiful, but in the here and now she found it unwelcoming and, if she was honest, a smidgen unsettling. Buffy liked her forests in shades of green and brown, thanksverymuch, and the ‘technicolor dreamcoat’ version just wasn’t normal enough —even with her abnormal views on most things—for her to get comfortable.

Not that it was likely for Buffy to be comfortable in a forest, regardless. Since the last time she could recall sleeping in one was when she was knocked unconscious after fleeing Adam her freshman year of college. Buffy supposed she really couldn’t refer to that as camping and, also, it hadn’t been her finest hour. What with the fleeing and all.

A sigh escaped her and she turned, heading towards a relatively wide tree and dropped down in front of it. The smooth bark, while hard, wasn’t the most uncomfortable of things and the thick layer of fallen leaves gave her rear some cushion as she faced the beach. Her head dropped back, striking the bark and she brought her arms to center, crunchy jeans tucked in her lap as she drew her knees up.

The water sparkled beneath the one too many moons and it was pretty enough to bring on a slight smile before she lifted her gaze skyward. There were stars beyond the moon and she did her best to search for any cluster that looked remotely familiar. Her brows tugged together and she found herself suddenly wishing she’d actually listened to Andrew’s incessant rambles during patrols. She was pretty certain he’d attempt to point out the little and big dippers to her more than once.

Her gaze dropped back to the water and green eyes widen as a rather large dorsal fin broke the surface. “Mental note; no swimming in ocean-lake,” Buffy whispered to herself as she continued to watch the waves. The wind settled around her and Buffy was grateful as goosebumps had begun to rise along the exposed skin of her thighs just below the hem of her tunic and the she’d taken the time to brush a path through the dense layer of leafs leading from the stream to the beach that afternoon. She wanted it there in the morning if rescue didn’t come in during the night.

That familiar sound of waves hitting a beach and a day filled with worry that had settled in her bones and left Buffy very nearly exhausted. She watched the water with tired eyes and her chin dipped a bit before she forced it up. A yawn stretched her mouth open against her will before she rolled her shoulders back and attempted to find a more comfortable position against the tree as the night.

The night was calm around her, not a peep could be heard from the forest at her back and water in front of her continued it’s lulling to and fro motion until she fell asleep.

Buffy awoke—alone.

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Very intriguing beginning. I'm kinda interested in seeing where this goes.
Thank you! I have several versions of this story floating around my brain so I need to settle on one path and go with it. Hopefully the one I pick remains interesting. ;)
*snickers* Of course the first thing she'd be upset about is that for the third time she's missing out on seeing the Great Barrier Reef.

And I love that Dawn had been making her watch Survivorman (hubby watches all of those shows) but it least it prepared her for life in this unknown place.

I do feel for her with the alone thing, though. As it just so happens, hubby had stopped on one of those shows last night and the guy willingly spent 60 days on a tropical island by himself and what he talked about the most was just how lonely it was and how it affected him more than what he thought it would. And for Buffy who is a city girl and is almost always surrounded by people, this would be equally affecting, if not more. But I love how you are subtly weaving it in. :)
Latching onto something simple tends to make shocks easier for most people. I don't think Buffy's too diissimilar to the average person.

I adore Surivorman and those types of shows. I keep them running in the background as I do other things around the house. You never know when you might need to know how to make fresh drinking water. ;)

I think the loniness would be on the first things that set in. Especially since she was living with Dawn and having all the mini-slayers around. I feel bad that I shoved her alone onto the planet and a small part of me pondered adding Faith into the mix, but then decided against it. Alone time can build character... or drive her batshit. We'll see what happens. ;)