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Title: Calculations
Progress: 9/100
Prompt: #4 Prophecy
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

The air conditioning clicked on behind Isaacs filling his office with a steady hum that eased his nerves as he watched his mentor turn another page in her file. His eyebrows slowly rose over an aristocratic nose and deep-set hazel eyes narrowed before lifting to meet pale blue. Isaacs tilted his head and waited patiently for the ice to be broken.
The other man leaned forward, propping his cane on the edge of the mahogany desk and Isaacs’ gaze dipped, scanning the iron chimera gracing its top. The leather of his visitor’s chair sighed as the file was returned to him and a cultured voice asked, “Have you coded her?”

“No.” Isaacs lifted the file and opened the bottom drawer to his right, safely tucking it away. “Not yet. She’s still adjusting.”
“You wish for her to trust you.” He paused a moment before continuing, “Her cognitive abilities are being hindered by the neurotoxins. If you were to minimize the dosage I believe you would see a substantial improvement.”
Isaacs nodded his agreement even as he offered blandly, “I have my orders.”
The other man’s lips lifted in a mockery of a smile. “Don’t we all?”
The doctor sat forward, leaned his arms onto the desk. “She’s far surpassing our expectations, isn’t she?”
He nodded and reached for his cane. “Yes, yes she is. It’s a pity I didn’t have a sample at the beginning of my own project.”
Isaacs arched a brow. “Do you require one now? I could arrange it.”
“No.” He shook his head, “This new series seems to be a great improvement over the previous four.”
“How is Joshua?”
A real smile lifted the man’s mouth. “He’s becoming more inquisitive each passing day. I still have hopes for my first.”
Isaacs’ lips lifted. “As do I.”
The End.
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Apart from the 'oh good, she's surpassing expectations (that's my girl!) so they probably won't kill her right away' I'm all 'Cryptic! Ava's gone cryptic!' You evil wench, you. *G*
I went cryptic with this part because it's the first hint toward the third series I'm crossing over with this 'verse. The chimera on the cane and Joshua were the hints and I'm getting called a wench a lot today. ;-)

Hmmm, am I detecting hints of Dark Angel? If so, I can definitely see the corrolation between Manticore and Umbrella, both messing around with things they shouldn't.

Fabulous as alwaya. :D
Dark Angel did poke its large and obtrusive head into this story sooner than I had anticipated but it seemed to work. Thank you for the review love!