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fic:wild magic/btvs,merry gentry/gen

Title: Wild Magic
Rating: FR13
Word Count: 2315
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Merry Gentry
Prompt: #365 torpor @ tamingthemuse
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. Merry Gentry and all related characters are copyright of Laurell K. Hamilton and Random House. No infringement intended.

Note: Sequel to ‘Little Death’ and this short takes place concurrently with the final chapter in ‘A Caress of Twilight’ (IE when Merry and Co. are defeating the Nameless). **AU for BtVS**

Her skin felt tight and uncomfortable which mean even with her best friend’s assistance in applying sunscreen Willow Rosenberg was going to one heck of a sunburn come tomorrow. Her nose wrinkled at the prospect as she steered her mom’s VW Sedan through the confusing streets of Holmby Hills. There weren’t many streets in the neighborhood on either side of Sunset Boulevard, but the ones present were long and winding and the houses so sporadic that Willow found it hard to get her bearings.

She would find no help from the occupied passenger’s seat since Buffy Summers, said best friend, was fast asleep beside her and, if Willow was being honest, Buffy wasn’t the greatest helmsman. The cheerleader tended to pay more attention to the radio and the current gossip than then what was going on outside the car. A murmur that sounded suspiciously like a snore turned Willow’s head and she sent her a bemused smile. The towel Buffy had draped over chair in an attempt to keep her mom’s car relatively dry had bunched down and created a multi0colored halo for her head.

Face slack and mouth partially open wasn’t the best of looks for Buffy, but she seemed content and fully asleep so Willow ignored the urge to wake her and returned her attention back to the road. Pale brows slopped down beneath her oversized sunglasses as she frowned at the next set of speed bumps that she had to slow to cross.

Buffy stirred beside her and stretched, raising tanned arms, that were in no danger of being sunburnt, to smack against the roof as she came back to awareness with a mumbled, “We back to your place yet?”

“We left Cordelia’s less then fifteen minutes ago. What do you think?”

Her head turned, blonde hair, still damp from her last dip in Cordelia’s pool, fell around her face as green eyes blinked tiredly at her and Willow shook her head at that the fact that her best friend reminded her of a sleepy cat sometimes. The kitten had claws as she snarked, “Fifteen? And we’re still in Holmby Hills, grandma?”

“Says the girl with no driver’s license,” Willow countered with a snort before returning her attention to the road and speeding up as they finished rolling over the speed bumps.

“What can I say?” Buffy retorted, “The rapport I share with my parents is lacking in the trust.”

“Rapport,” Willow parroted, “You’ve been reading the PSAT prep sheets I’ve been emailing you.”

She caught sight of Buffy’s shrug out of the corner of her eye, but before her friend could reply the repetitive ‘pft-pft-pft’ of a helicopter cutting through the sky above them drew both their attention skyward. They leaned forward in unison to look out the windshield and watched its steady progression across the cloudless sky. Willow’s brows tugged together when she realized it also crept downward the closer it came towards them.

Green eyes widened as she turned her head with the helicopter as it passed over them, drawing their focus until she realized she was still rolling forward. A quick inhalation accompanied her foot leaving the gas to press hard on the break as a stop sign appeared out of nowhere—that was her story and she was sticking to it. The sudden jerk locked their seatbelts and tugged the pair back hard enough that Willow winced. A pain laced “Ow,” escaped her as her sunburned back scrapped against the seat.

“Willow go left.” Buffy’s urgent voice startled her and she turned to look at her friend who motioned her to follow the helicopter. “Left!”

“We actually need go to straight.”

“No,” she replied, “We need to go left.”


Buffy paused and Willow watched her brows slop downward before another shrug lifted her shoulders. “I can’t explain it, but something tells me left is the way for us.”


Willow’s admonishment was interrupted with an exasperated, “Willow, either you drive or I get out and walk. But left is the way I need to be.”

The skin of her arms prickled, goosebumps rising as the hairs rose of their own accord and the part of Willow that had been whispering to her since she was a child was now clamoring for her attention. The air was thick with the sense of other and Willow’s hands tightened around the steering wheel as the sensations nearly overwhelmed her meager psychic abilities. Willow glanced once more at Buffy and before she fully realized her decision she was guiding the VW left and following the street around the next bend in the road.

She exhaled, struggling through the heavy feeling in her chest and she frowned at the fact that her friend, a psychic null, had felt the guiding hand of fate before she had. Willow spared Buffy a glance and found her friend had pushed her sunglass onto her head. They held back her damp hair and provided Willow with an unobstructed view of her squinting profile. Her gaze swept the street as if in search of something, but that something remained to be seen since this street appeared to be like any other in Holmby Hills.

Lawns filled with green grass and landscaping that made most of the public parks in the Los Angeles area look shoddy in comparison lined the street and the homes were set further back behind privacy fences that were nearly as tall as Willow’s house. The gates were more ornate than any jewelry Shelia Rosenberg owned and, not for the first time, Willow found herself in awe of the neighborhood Cordelia Chase called home. She might not entirely like Buffy’s other friend, but when given the chance Willow usually went with her on her random excursions to the extremely wealthy side of Los Angeles and when Buffy had called her, at random, that morning to insist that they needed to swim at Cordelia’s she’d readily agreed.

Her agreement might not have been the brightest of ideas, Willow mused, as the sound of the helicopter intensified the further down the street they drove. The car bucked and Willow winced as the car rolled over a rather large speed ‘hump’ she hadn’t seen in time. She pivoted her head to shoot Buffy a glare when she snickered and snapped a reminder, “Pedestrian,” before offering the dashboard an encouraging pat and an apology. “Sorry, girl.”

The snort that followed her apology was ignored as Willow hoped the bottom of her mom’s car was fine since she hadn’t slowed in the least and that ‘hump’ been a beast of a thing. The ‘pft-pft-pft was back and the helicopter was heading towards and then away from them. Willow ignored it too as she attempted to focus on the road in front of her rather than be distracted by it. Buffy shifted beside her, leaning forward and Willow’s eyes widened as they hit another turn in the road and found a police barricade in front of them.

One of the two uniformed officers held out is hand in the universal sign of ‘freeze b-i-t-c-h’ and Willow applied the brakes at the same time Buffy’s seatbelt released. She turned, stunned as the passenger side door opened with a ding and Buffy exited the car. The door slammed with enough force to rock the car and Willow blinked, somewhat stupidly, at the sight of her friend in her shorts and tank top combo, both wearing the damn outline of her bikini, approaching the barricade. There was determined set to her tanned shoulders that just didn’t sit right with her friend’s usual carefree approach to any given situation.

Gunshots exploded behind the police officers and Willow flinched before struggling with the simple task of getting the car into park as she shouted, “Buffy! Buffy, get back here!”

The officer nearest her friend caught her shoulder, yanking her into a crouched position and beyond Willow’s frantic gaze as the redhead finally managed to park the car. She left it running and hastily opened the door as the cop still behind the barricade growled for her to get back inside as more gun fire erupted behind them and distantly Willow could hear someone screaming.

It was a wail that tightened the skin around her eyes and she inhaled sharply as the part of her that understood things it shouldn’t gave her the terrible knowledge that someone had just fallen into madness. A tear escaped her lashes and rolled a cool path down her cheek as the cop that wasn’t keeping her friend down swore and ducked beneath the barricade to come to her.

She felt him latch onto her forearm and she looked up at his angry face, her voice soft as she stated, “It hungers.”

She didn’t know what the it was, but it was suffocating and terrible and everything her great-grandmother had despaired of when Willow had been born. She was to be the first child in four generations to have some psychic ability, but her nana had warned her mother that great and terrible things awaited her—emphasis on thing apparently. Her throat tightened as the shooting stopped and something powerful rose in the distance, it left a copper tang in her mouth, and the dread, both the archaic and current meaning of the word, saturating the street and its inhabitants wavered.

The air felt brittle against Willow’s skin and she shivered in the warmth of the afternoon sun. The air should have felt heavy, thick with the humidity Willow knew was present, but it simply wasn’t and that knowledge brought forth another shiver. The cop holding her arm took a step back and Willow frowned up at his confused face. The urge to ask if he felt it danced on the tip of her tongue, but fate turned her head and the world around her exploded.

She stumbled back against the car as the sky filled with colors that swirled and exploded like fireworks, leaving behind the scent of smoke and new growth. She pressed herself against the sedan and used the warm metal at her back to center herself as the magic swirled around her, through her and for a moment Willow thought she heard the call of a great bird before that bit of enchantment slipped past

Her head turned to watch the glittering trail it left behind and Willow watched as Buffy dragged herself onto unsteady feet. Easily shrugging off officer’s reaching hand and a frown tugged at her brow before Willow’s eyes widened as the wild magic didn’t flow through Buffy like it had her, but rather she seemed to be drawing it towards her. The scent of ocean saturated this small pocket of earth and Willow frowned at the hazy mist that covered Buffy from damp hair to pink painted toe.

It seemed to ebb and flow with the wild magic, but Willow stiffened as she realized it was holding it at bay. It had been hidden just above her friend’s skin and the part of her that knew things it shouldn’t called it a cage. A cage that fractured with a harsh sound and it burst, speckling Willow’s face with the water that smelt of the darkest ocean depths. What remained of the mist, that cage slipped away from Buffy and headed east, picking up speed until it was merely a blur before disappearing entirely.

A strangled cry pulled Willow’s gaze back to Buffy and she watched, stunned, as the wild magic was syphoned into her friend. The police officer that had been attempting to protect Buffy rose to his feet and stumbled back, frightened at the otherworldly noise being torn from her friend’s throat. It hurt to hear the scream, similar to the broken noise Willow had heard early, but not as desolate. She winced as she realized her best friend, who had never before even seen magic, was now being saturated by it.

It clung to her as if it were vines, wound around her limbs and Willow watched it wither and shake before slipping past the last useless barrier that was Buffy’s flesh. Green eyes widened as her friend began to glow as if she’d swallowed sunlight. Sunlight that now shown from beneath her skin and in a manner that told Willow there was sidhe blood thick within her veins.

Her hair paled into different shades of blonde that shimmered under the glow of her body and more magic swept up and around them until her friend was lost to the light and Willow had turned her gaze away. She looked to the police officers who were now staring transfixed at Buffy and thought to call out to them, to warn them away from staring at a sidhe in full power, but something she dark and feathered swooped past Willow to burrow itself in her friend’s chest.

Willow winced as another scream was torn from her friend and she forced her gaze away, she looked back to the street still filled with swirling colors and flocks of birds that this world had never before scene. The quiet voice within her murmured a warning and Willow dropped her gaze and frowned. A brown shape galloped forward, dancing through the air as if it were solid. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth at the sweetness of it, but they turned down when it veered at the last moment, aiming directly for her. Willow braced herself for the sensation of it passing through her as all the magic before had.

It leapt gracefully from near the ground towards her, giving Willow the impression of large eyes and slim limbs, before it struck her chest and she staggered. The magic slipped easily past the inadequate barrier of her flesh and sank into her chest, warmed her heart and a dense earthy smell invaded Willow’s world before it was eaten by darkness.

The end.
You are right, definitely a prologue for a longer fic. Of which, I'm not complaining. ;)

Loved that you wrote from Willow's POV, especially young Willow. And I love their easy banter about driving, and that Buffy's still without a driver's license no matter what world she's living in. lol

And you're trying to drag me into another fandom, aren't you. ;)
It definitely came off as a prologue. Darn it. :)

Willow was the best choice in this instance because she's the one that already had magical abilities so she'd understand what's happening. Buffy is pretty much terrified, confused and possibly in pain in this instance. Her POV wouldn't have been very informative. Plus I like Willow.

This fandom is pretty smutty. Actually very smutty and she spends a lot of time on how beautiful the characters are... so I don't necessarily recommend it to others.
I can see why Willow's POV was the best. :)

And I will be guided by your wisdom for the fandom. And trust you'll let me know if I'm missing something. ;) Besides, I've always been able to follow what's happening in your fics even if I'm not familiar with the fandom - Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries (although, I'm working on that one)
If you can get them from your local library I say give them a shot, but don't spend you're hard earned money.