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This is just a friendly flist reminder that twistedshorts is once again holding their annual August Fic-a-Day challenge.

Come one, come all.

The rules post can be found here.
Liar! ;)

Though I have nothing yet to show for this week's prompt for taming and I need to post tonight. Eep!
I've got a Word File up at work and when inspiration hits while I'm working I type up and then get back to work. Piece by bloody piece is being jotted down and hopefully inspiration hits all day long and I have the small scraps of time to get it from head to file.

*cross fingers*
*crosses fingers*

I finally got the Buffy - Jim talk written and can finally concentrate on this week's prompt.

Good luck!
Go you! Getting a second ficlet written!

I did start one of my wishfic list prompts last night because this prompt was being a bitcha. :/

We can do this!
How in the world did I miss that post! Woot!

Will try to beat last year's posts again this year!

Also, thanks so much for reminding me... time to get cracking on some ideas.. a week left!